Wild Elephants

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Down through the centuries, Sri Lanka (the words mean “resplendent land” in ancient Sanskrit) has been called many things. Ceylon is probably the most familiar, but one earlier name, “Serendip” A?a??a?? which provided the inspiration for the word “serendipity” A?a??a?? seems especially appropriate . . . because no matter what you expect from this large, friendly island off India’s southern tip, you’re sure to be delightfully surprised by totally unforeseen pleasures, too!

MOTHER’S cosponsor for the tour will be Journeys, an organization which A?a??a?? through its Earth Preservation Fund A?a??a?? supports small-scale, community-based conservation projects in many parts of the world. This particular 21-day trip (from July 4 to 24, 1981) will emphasize cross-cultural contacts and visits to Sri Lanka’s rural areas … where Buddhism flourishes in its purest form.

This is also where A?a??a?? in the third century B.C. A?a??a?? King Devanampiyatissa established the world’s first wildlife reserve, a sanctuary which can still be visited and enjoyed today!

The attractions that we’ll visit include the spectacular ruins of Polonnaruwa, the twelfth century’s finest Asian city . . . Lahugala, one of the best places in the world to find concentrations of wild elephants Prazosin 1 mg cost . . . Rahunu National Park, an isolated refuge for many rare species of birds and animals . . . and the Royal Botanical Gardens in romantic Kandy A?a??a?? the last capital of the Sinhala kings A?a??a?? where we’ll also see the world’s largest orchid collection.


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