Arugam Bay is Cut Off. Again.

Since Dec/2004

Road Access:

Bidge OK - Causeway washed away

Bidge OK – Causeway washed away

March, 2008

Electric Power:

Power Cuts are frequent

Power Cuts are frequent

CEB Disconnection Notice

CEB Disconnection Notice

The Government is short of funds, the CEB can’t make ends meet.
The result is a crack down on consumers.

Here is the case for the CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board):

  • The CEB has been good and allowed credit to many consumers for a long time
  • The CEB and the Government has no money
  • Most power stations use fossil fuels, like oil & coal
  • And prices have rises sharply. The CEB is making losses
  • Buy ralistar

  • Many guys tap into power lines illegally
  • It is high time to collect outstanding payments

The consumer’s problems are:

  • The notice is in Singahala only, sent from Ampara office
  • A language few residents can understand on the Eastern Coast
  • It is backdated or has taken 6 weeks to reach consumers in arrears
  • Any appeal time or period has therefore expired – or never been granted
  • Many claims date back to before December 2004
  • Shipping digoxin

  • No credit has been given to Tsunami affected, although promised
  • The power supply has been poor in any rate
  • Frequent power cuts, high voltage spikes and often low current
  • A lot of consumer gadgets have burned out as a result
  • The CEB has never considered payment of any compensation
  • There is no income from tourism at all in the Bay these days
  • No NGO or Government has ever assisted with supply bills
  • Some NGO’s (“Mercy Corpse”) gave away fridges and freezers, using a lot of power
  • But the recipients could not afford to run these items at all

Many honest Arugam Bay small businesses are affected.
Many others simply don’t care – because they don’t have a meter and tap in illegally.

What to do?

The Bay is grinding to a halt. There will be even less facilities for visitors in future. All frozen food will defrost and little choice will be available.

If only the value of one single Fishing Boat would have been given to any of the small hotels they would have been able to settle old electric bills.

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