Local bombs to kill elephants

How much does infant zantac cost Cheap lozol medicine An elephant has died in Hambantota after an explosive device which it swallowed exploded inside its mouth. This is the eleventh elephant death due to this locally made device called by A?a??E?Hakka PatasA?a??a??, reported from the area in the last few months, the Forest Department officials said. The farmers coat the bombs with animal fodder.

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  • If any of the huge funds collected for protection of our wild life would have been used to ease the farmer/elephant problem: This would not need to happen.
    Elephant dung paper is a very lucrative business; so is Pinawela and the tourists are falling daily into the cash trap. Nothing however goes to where it is needed: To compensate the farmers, for example.
    Violence sadly is the way Sri Lankans seem to settle any dispute these days.
    Little wonder; 30 years have taught us nothing else.

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    No lives are spared in Sri lanka. ‘Kill anything that moves’ seems to be the motive these days. Sam R

    Posted By: Sam R
    What a shame on this people! We have invaded the areas which we belong to Animals for our satisfaction and then complain that Elephants destroy our livelihood; Finally kill the elephants one by one! Good! Go ahead guys! You will end up at No creatures land – the great SL one day!

    Posted By: Maha
    bustards……..won’t even leave a innocent animal……..bloody framers…….not much different from LTTE(terrorist)…

    Posted By: nj
    This is te UGLY side of Human – Animal confrontation!

    Posted By: nandu
    The perpetrators of these crimes should also be given ‘Hakka Patas’!!!

    Posted By: Buddhike in Riyadh
    There should be an end of elephant killings.

    Posted By: Lashan
    It is sad and a shame that so-called human beings do this type of cruel acts. The elephants are a national treasure and if people do not protect them then who will. Eleven elephants killed means what the hell the Department of wild life doing?

    Posted By: RanjithT

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