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Women do penance for elephantsA?A?A? death
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COIMBATORE: Ever since the death of three elephants in a train accident near Madukkarai recently, there has been a flurry of reports in the regional dailies about pregnant women in nearby villages doing penance on the advice of a local godman.

Believing the words of the godman that the death of the elephants is a bad omen, many women in Pannimadai village are still performing rituals like lighting A?A?A?deepamA?A?A? with ghee in the evenings and pouring water on Lord Vinayaka.

But godman Ponoothu Malai Amman Arulvaku Sithar P K Narayanasami has scoffed at the newspaper reports that he had advised the local people to do penance for the death of the elephants.

A?A?A?It is irrational to believe that pregnant women will face the wrath of god because of this accident,A?A?A? said Narayanasami, who is staying at Chinnathadagam.

A?A?A?I was upset after seeing the reports. It was all a work of imagination,A?A?A? he added. He accused his friend Rajendran, who is working as a post master in Pannimadi village, of having used his name and misguided the people for his own publicity.

A?A?A?I am a fortune-teller and why should I create panic among the people?A?A?A? he asked.

R Selvi, a resident of Pannimadai, said that on Feb 5, Rajendran approached them and said that to avoid any evil befalling pregnant women, Narayanasami had advised them to mix a variety of grass (A?A?A?arugam pulA?A?A?) in a pot of water and offer it to Lord Vinayaka. Rajendran also asked them to light A?A?A?Panja muga deepamA?A?A? in homes.

A?A?A?We have strong belief in Ponoothu Malai Amman. So we followed what he told us,A?A?A? she said.


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