Lahugala nr. Arugambay

On the northern edge of the Lahugala National Park are the ruins of a substantial ancient temple now called Magul Mahavihara. This temple is worth a visit not only because of its particularly attractive forest setting but also because the image shrine, the Bodhi Tree and the stupa are all in a good state of preservation. Magul Mahavihara is approached by a causeway across a beautiful lotus filled reservoir which surrounds the whole complex. As you enter the main gate through the solidly built wall that surrounds all the buildings you will see on the left the remains of a small shrine with an unusual moonstone at its entrance. The elephants on this moonstone all have riders on their backs, something unseen in all other Sri Lankan moonstones. The stupa is built on a high terrace with three staircases leading up to it. There are impressive lion guardians at the top of the stairs. These and all the other ruins at Lahugala are all surrounded by peaceful forest which makes a visit to the place a most enjoyable experience.

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Lahugala is 2 km off the main Monoragala A?a??a?? Pottuvil road some 5 km from Potuvil.

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