Introduction to “Hotels”

Arugam Bay is basically a simple, straight 2km Beach Road, and nearly all Hospitality places are located here, either sea or land side.
This “SunRise Strip”, AbaY ‘Broadway’ or “Marine Walk” has no name or indeed house numbers.
To give you some idea of their position, as from 2006, we list all “hotels” with a #prefix followed by a number starting with #01 Stardust at the Lagoon bridge.
The tractor washing bridge at the Panama end might one day see #100 or so.

(see annual Mid Year AbaY Photo “Walk” in the photo gallery)

We list all of them, one by one, and we include at least one photograph as well as a brief introduction giving you a little bit of history.
Once they are all numbered and properly in line, special buttons will be added leading directly to their respective Home Page and an email editor.
If you like what you read and see you one click and you can book directly with them. No need to go back to Google!

When you have returned home, simply leave a comment! So you can help other travelers with your impressions, recommendations, or warnings.
AbHa hopes to improve services and standards this way and we want to assist you to form a closer link with the Bay and our respective establishments.
Remember! Not everyone has a home page or a guest book.
Charming, understated #59 Ruwangi “I think” has no own home pages….I think..
It is also very transparent for all to see. And discuss matters if need be.

Purchase himcolin cream “Hotel” is to be understood as a place where you can either sleep, eat or drink – any or all of it.
Sorry, folks! This is how it is: It’s just the Sri Lankan word for ‘Hotel’; it could be a simple tea shed right now.
Should one day more visitors arrivals warrant a little expansion this little shack now called ‘Cool Spot’ might soon bloom into Price of lamictal 100mg AbaY’s “Hot Spot”!
But:….It could be even worse. Maybe it will be “The Hilton”, a Galadari or perhaps The AbaY ‘Kalahari’ one day…….who knows?

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