The neglected Bay is still stuck since 2004!

AbHa (the original Arugam Bay Hotel Association) is considering:
Where did we go wrong?

Because we have little doubt that:

  1. We represent the interests of the Arugam Bay Hotels, since 1999
  2. Arugam Bay has been, without any doubt, the hardest hit area by the 2004 waves
  3. The sea quake centre was, after all, directly opposite the famous surf Bay
  4. Cheap seroflo Arugam Bay Hotels have, so far, not received any real help or funds to rebuild
  5. Although Millions were collected for cases such as our predicament
  6. Norvasc prices

  7. The hotels suffered most. First 25 years war, than water, than war again
  8. Fishing folk received great help, but they were back in business the next day…
  9. And: Fish prices – a FREE raw product- have increased 4-5 fold since…!??
  10. A great ‘Master Plan’ exists – but little has happened in Arugambay.
  11. Apart from more obstacles and outside interferences. Nothing! Since 2004.

AbHa considers that, overall, this is nothing short of a scandal.
Or part of a very devious mater plan?
Whatever, before we look for faults elsewhere:

Where do you, our supporters and critics, think WE have done wrong?

Perhaps we voiced our objections to the observed waste of donated Millions to openly?
Perhaps we were too undiplomatic in our approach?
(But after all we have gone through we doubt that anyone else would have been more moderate)
Your feed-back and any observation is always most welcome.
Posted right here, as a plain comment or per email to:
And we will publish your full article!

3 Responses to “AbHa”

  • Interesting post i totally agree with the other comments. Keep us posting

  • “Together we are strong” – indeed, that was AbHa’s original motto!
    AbHa was set up to present a common AbaY voice in Colombo, with the Authorities, the CEB, etc. and to purchase hotel supplies in bulk to share the transport costs.
    And, you are right, Dear Roland:
    Instead of building on partnerships, solidarity and trust most hotels in Arugam Bay are not united at all. We should have learned from the great Muslim virtue and helped and support each other, specially in such very difficult times.
    To visitors and well meaning NGO’s we appear to be at each other’s throats and they often left the Bay in confusion.
    The fishing Community in contrast did unite well and they spoke with one, strong voice.
    And they got more than they could have hoped for…..boats, engines, minibuses, snack bars in the forest, free fuel, community centres, cash bonus and more.
    Everyone had a quick fix for a “poor” Fishermen.
    The whole issue has made our hotel/fishing conflict even worse than ever before.
    I personally also blame the behaviour of organizations, such as Mercy Cops.
    Instead of supporting old, long established groups, they decided to form new, untested Associations.
    This act alone divided the Community – some were in favour, others were ignored. Jealousy all round was the result.
    Frankly, the Arugam Bay Community would have done better without interference from such organizations.
    After all, we survived very well through very difficult 25 Years without outside ‘help’.
    The only problem we are facing is that the NGO’s have all the money – we have nothing.
    In a Country like Sri Lanka you can do what you want with cash – and the poor guys are stepped upon.
    Will we ever unite somewhat?
    Yes, if prosperity comes to the Bay, I feel.
    Arugam Bay

  • Let’s talk frankly:

    You’re right it’s a scandal. A lot of people have the same opinion. And now?

    Who are you? The AbHa seems to be the collective of the Hotel owners of Abay. In fact I think that after the Boxing day each owner started to look for himself.

    Inspite of helping each other everybody tries to survive alone.
    That’s not very clever and it’s not good for the tourist center ArugamBay.

    It’s always the same: Together we are strong!

    I hope very much that AbHa will be a community again. Otherwise ????

    Good luck, Roland

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