High Season?

It is no secret. Arugam Bay has never, ever been as quiet as this before.
The usual High Season is as good as over – andA?A? nobody to speak of came.
Even so-called die-hard surfers stayed away this year.
No wonder, given (incorrect!) travel warnings by many foreign Governments!
The mini-tourist industry, consisting of a few guest houses and a handful of slightly larger ‘hotels’ has been hit hard – and they received NO HELP Purchase cephalexin 500mg capsule antibiotic or assistance from any official source whatsoever.
First, we had the 30 year ‘war, then we were wiped off by the waves, then we have fresh and more violent hostilities.
It will be a miracle if the small establishments can survive this winter – financially that it.
The hardest hit community in the whole of Sri Lanka has received NOTHING at all, but adverse publicity and tough Government action, such as constant Excise Department Cheapest unlimited calling plan raids.
All this makes it impossible for most to continue the little business they manage to attract in such difficult times.

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  • High Season – or is it: High Treason?
    Talking to some local insiders last week, there is a growing suspicion that the total lack of support is a deliberate attempt to gain influence in the area.
    After all, Arugam Bay is projected to be a future top resort in Asia in years to come.
    Maybe it is all part of the Big Master Plan to wipe off the old establishments and make room for multi national and US influenced businesses?
    Does anyone have better information?

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