Nostalgia Returns

Once upon a time, there was a sleepy little fishing village.
It was so remote, that it took most brave travelers a day or more to reach, on bumpy roads all the way from the Airport. Indeed, this journey took even longer than than their flight into the little island called Sri Lanka from just about any global starting point.
A few unfortunate surfers timed their arrival at the last checkpoint before the Eastern Province wrong. They closed the post at 17:00hrs. stopping all night transit to the East Coast. A fact overlooked by hardcore surfers in their urge to brave the ongoing civil war just for the sake of a few, but very famous waves.
However, after a semi-romantic star studded night spent in the cramped van, below or on top of a bus, but somewhere near an STF camp and often surrounded by a few herds of wild Elephants as well as the odd elusive Tiger (or was it a Leopard?)…..the journey continued through the most beautiful Countryside they had ever seen at dawn.
Epivir-hbv price checkpoint-in-ceylon.jpg
In those ancient days the A4 main road reopened at around 7-8:00 every day.
Early morning our brave pioneers reached a truly cut off village – called Eurax ointment price Ullai.
Local names like Ullai and Sinnai (small) Ullai meant nothing to the average Surfer dude:
All they came for was “AraGum” Bay; as Aussies still call it, even now.

A great right hander break, long runs, good constant swell and many other, sandy breaks nearby, all of them always with warm water, but no sharks, with very low cost of living, fresh food and cold beers, some smoke & good, long period visa conditions, great weather, fair cops, and the odd party.
In a short time the Arugam Bay Surf resort was discovered.
Ranking about world’s 10th best spot due the sum of all the above, favorable factors.
A truly great place, safe, secure, cheap, friendly and regarded world wide as somewhat exotic, even dangerous to travel to: On the East Coast of Sri Lanka!
And the best of all this is: Everyone is more safe here, in a perceived (near) War Zone, one of the very few with a happy MIXED Community. A place where Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists have intermixed and where there is no racial tension at all.
Everyone loves a foreign visitor and of course the sleepy Bay has no strategic importance to anyone; there simply is nothing around and no reason for anyone to attack this remote little enclave.
And what is the Happy Ending of this legend?

Nostalgia has returned to the Bay!
You can re-discover that 1960 to 1990 feeling right now!
Best of it is that you can do so with no known or predictable risk to yourselves!
Now, as the STF has also decided to close the A4 at night; -without prior announcement – we suppose it is done just to hep us to create the old, authentic atmosphere once more.

Message: The A4 is closed at night and opens at around 8-9:00 in the morning!
Time your arrival at Arugambay for daylight hours.

(There is no danger, but as a precaution the forces check the road physically at sunrise to give the all clear to transit traffic)
On the return journey, a simple transit pass is required. The driver will know how to do so at PottuVille Police Post.

2 Responses to “Nostalgia Returns”

  • Dear Jan,
    Be assured that if there would be the slightest hint of concern or worry for your safety: We promise that details will be posted HERE at once.
    All of us are traveling to and from Colombo every week and apart from the closed A4 at night we never have any problems.
    Indeed, even the few check points are VERY relaxed and when they see a few white faces in the vehicle we are hardly ever stopped at all.
    I would advise everyone to avoid busy places such as Colombo and maybe Kandy for the time being. Indeed, our drivers are concerned to travel to the capital city….and feel much safer here.
    The Bay dearly needs a few visitors and a little income to survive financially:
    So all of you are very welcome.
    If transport is required I also suggest to use an Eastern Province driver/Company.
    Understandably, nobody from the West and South wants to loose the bit of business they have to the East – so they will dream up all sorts of horror stories to put you off the decision to visit us.
    Simply write to:
    and the guys will do what they can for you.
    from the happy, safe and sleepy enclave AbaY
    SVH Team
    Arugam Bay

  • Dear Fred,
    The up-dated information about travel over to the bay is much appreciated. With the bad publicity of the continued aggression between the government forces and the LTTE it is comforting to know that once the destination of the beautiful bay is reached all will be well. It is a big decision to travel to Sri Lanka in the present climate but hopefully you will have many,who after reading all the wonderful information about the bay and its beautiful friendly villagers, decide to make the journey. Hopefully the trip out of Colombo and across the island will also be equally as safe. Should all go according to plan we will be there early June, so see you soon. To those reading this who have never ventured to Arugam Bay – go! It is more than worth the visit.
    Jan J

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