Peaceful Bay is happy to confirm that all is well and quiet in sunny Arugambay.
We are lucky to report that the entire area is in NO Way affected by recent events in the North and West.
We are happy; No! Indeed we are: Grifulvin v online episodes Overwhelmed! to see, suddenly, many new visitors coming to us from Colombo to celebrate relaxed Vesak this week in our peaceful Bay.
Sadly, in these troubled days we have to admit that our friends in the distant capital city are not as happy as we are here in the remote, but totally safe & sleepy Buy evecare capsules AbaY……
However, let us pray & hope for Peace, island wide, one day. Together.

4 Responses to “Peaceful Bay”

  • HI coming to the Bay in July.. just wondering whats the best route? we’ll probably travel from colombo to kandy and then make our way to the bay from there. thanks for the info on travelling through the day, any other helpful hints on an easy journey east. also, what’s an access pass??

    thanks nic

  • Glad to hear that A-bay is safe. Is it still eaily accessable despite the recent trouble?

  • Dear Fred

    I’m sorry to write that you ARE affected! No flights, no tourists!

    “However, let us pray & hope for Peace, island wide, one day. Together”
    You can be sure we do!

    Happy Wesak and all the best, Roland

  • Wir wünschen Euch ein paar/und viel mehr Tage, wie es jetzt gerade ist!

    By the way, ganz liebe Grüsse an Mr. Ibrahim & Familie sowie Mr.Kapila und Frau(Name mit Sicherheit falsch geschrieben):(

    Wir sehen uns, Biggi und Hänschen

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