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Many, if not all private Internet providers in Sri Lanka may soon go out of business.
The main reason is that they can no longer compete with the speed and services and prices SLT (Sri Lanka Telecon Glucophage price ) offers.
Only SLT has a low rate access number (1250) and gives low cost high speed packages.
The population in the East, however, has to pay more than 10times the amount of a typical Colombo subscriber.
The now, sadly closed Community Internet office at Arugam Bay Where can i get synthroid without prescription , for example is charged 32,000Rs./ /month for a 64kb lease line circuit. This is the lowest prices package.
CASP pays near 2,000US$/ month for their 512kb line at the new office at Akkaraipattu.
In Colombo, Kandy, Galle etc. a 64kb connection would be a mere 2,650/month or so.
Yet another blow and added burden for the poor guys out East.

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  • Hi, & good to see you online, Lobbo!
    Following your Comment I jumped across the road and asked Ram for his numbers:
    063 567 09 58 (Lanka Bell)
    0776 75 17 82 (Dialog)
    He prefers the L.B. number because there is no charge for incoming calls.
    As you know we all value your contribution and your local; as well as professional expertise.
    We would be happy to give you admin rights so that this site can progress into the right direction. This would help the population as a whole and we might get away from some of the controversial points.
    Or raise even more?

  • wait till your supermarkets run the numbers game Cargill’s & Keel’s, suppose neither has made it there yet (bad bridge)- they will – you have a whole Colombo experience to wait for, well you probably know what it means – but those on that side of he mountain – they are lickin lips
    Hope religion don’t blockade that..

  • Apparently the first internet provider has died – where u live in my days there was only one service SLT, and anything to do with speed was fiction.

    On a personal note could you email Ram’s cell number, Beedi’s enquiring…

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