Full Moon (Eclipse)

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The Full Moon Day is somewhat special to Arugam Bay. You may recall.
Tonight, with a perfect clear sky above and the calm sea reflecting the bright Moon light:
Forget about our Full Moon Party! There are no crowds or ambassadors in town anyhow.
Red MoonEclipse of the Moon
Join us and stay up until just before sunrise and admire a perfect total lunar eclipse.
It started at 3.25am and lasted until 5:30am.
The best views were around 5:00 on Sunday morning with a RED/Orange MOON high above the Bay.
YOU should have been HERE! It was yet another GREAT event to remember.
At times, we can see events much clearer from here than from Europe or America.

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05:00 update:
Spectacular! A full, long lasting eclipse is still going on.
This nature’s show lasted much longer than expected; maybe someone can explain why we had our time calculation so wrong?
Right now we see a perfect, healthy EGG YOLK in the clear sky above Arugam Bay; photos will follow.

05:30 update:
Now the clear and totally unpolluted sky of the Bay can see the first sign of sunrise.
Our Egg Yolk Moon slowly gets a bright yellow cap; it looks a bit like butter on top.
Are YOU ready for breakfast in the tropics under our palm trees?
It seems mother Earth is getting out of the way and we embrace another beautiful day in Eastern Sri Lanka.
Weather and nature wise that is.

4 Responses to “Full Moon (Eclipse)”

  • Sorry for the poor photo quality.
    We didn’t have a tripod and used a held camera.
    In reality, the eclipse was much more impressive at Arugambay this morning.

  • Checked that site, Magnus.
    Good information, but nothing to see.
    “No live streaming, as it rains in Offenburg”!
    You should have been here at AbaY:
    Perfect clear sky, a full two hour show high above and the moon changed colour to “Eigelb” and this state remained for just under one full hour.

  • it’s not too late!!!!!!!!!
    for german vistors: http://www.eclipse-live.info/mofi2007/index.html

    from switzerland,

  • I am no expert in this field.
    But if our own personal observations at the end of 2004 are anything to go by:
    Tonight’s lunar show will be quite something!
    We recall the bright Full Moon high above the Bay throughout the night of the 25/26th December, 2004.
    Its reflection in the mirror flat, calm sea was a true fantastic sight we will always remember.
    If an eclipse is added to this beautiful setting tomorrow morning, and as it seems: Not one single cloud in sight! we hope that someone with a good camera comes along.
    This time we’ll keep the camera upstairs; just to be sure….
    Watch this space.

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