Relief des Hommes

After 272 bouncy km on the famous A4 passengers in transit to Arugambay are obviously happy to spot a modern restaurant on the left side.
With well advertised clean toilets. What a relief!
On closer inspection a shiny brass plaque is found on the wall.
Coastal bound travelers are confused:
“Are we near the sea then?” I thought we have half a hundred more kilometers of rough ride ahead of us, Alf shouted to the shaken driver.
What on terra Buy generic proscar uk earth has a distant Small Fishy Corporation to do with this Inland ‘project’?
“Don’t be stupid”, his wife said and ordered ‘Any style’ of a NeppTune’s meal in this clean, well build restaurant.
Terre des Hommes and the Green Cross Family want to promote the “poor” fishing industry!
More confusion follows! There is not a single Red Herring to be had on the premises. Or any other fish. Now that is getting a bit fishy Order vasodilan 10mg , Karin says.
Never mind! At least some of the near bankrupt hotels and restaurants in the destination Bay might get an order or two; after all they never received a hint of such good assistance from the Millions of donations. Which were supposed to help with the huge Tsu. losses in this hardest hit coastal village.
Can anyone shine a light behind the thinking of this otherwise brilliant project?

Photo: Unlike a farmer who needs to cultivate and look after his crop, extensive (over-?) harvesting the sea at Arugambay, shown below is totally FREE.

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