Trinco Trip

Monday, December 18, 2006


I went to Trinco with FCE looking at religious sites we are rebuilding there. As usual nothing went as planned. We were supposed to leave ampara at 8.30 am, when I arrived at 8.15 there was no driver, when he eventually arrived he hadnA?a??a??t got a travel permit, he should have gone the day before for one. After he got the travel permit, 9.45, he decided to wash the van? Next we drove like a maniac through Ampara and ended up at the driverA?a??a??s house so he could pack an overnight bag. We then drove back through Ampara to the garage to get diesel. We then headed of to Akkirapatu, which is in the opposite direction to Trinco to collect Akeel, who had been expecting us at 9.00 we got there at 11.15, then to the police station to get another pass. At 12.15 we set off for Trinco. The driver is chewing on leaves and paste which has the effect of making him completely insane, he drives too fast, blaring the horn all the time and spitting out of the window every 30 seconds. He has a habit of trying to overtake in impossible places, having to brake then not changing gear and rocking back and forth in the driverA?a??a??s seat willing the van to go faster. He doesnA?a??a??t seem to know about changing down a gear or two.
After 4 hours we are about half way to Trinco, we have done some really bad driving. Akeel suddenly says is it ok if we call in and see an old friend, evidently this idea has just occurred to him so we head off into the remote areas. We get to his friends village and are made welcome, the next hour involves me being shown round the village and introduced to all AkeelA?a??a??s friendA?a??a??s relatives. It is then decided that it is too late to go to Trinco and we should stay there, get up at 3am and go! I am urged to have my bath, thatA?a??a??s standing next to a well in your boxers and having an all over wash, in my case with an audience. I am given a room and a bed. We are fed and I decide to go to bed about 10, then follows the worst night yet, mosquitoes or bugs I donA?a??a??t know which but I was bitten to death. I get up at 3 and Akeel is moaning that he too was bitten to death, we both had nets but to no avail. Another bath at the well then off into the night. The amazing thing here is that in the middle of the night in the remotest places you find people doing all sorts of things, from building to waiting for busses.
We drive through the early hours and get to Trinco about 7.30am, stop for tea at somebodyA?a??a??s house then go in search of the office, which has just been moved so canA?a??a??t be found!
When we do find the office nobody is there so we sit around for a while. In could go on and on with the chaos and disorganization but I will move it along. After a really bad night previously I decided enough, so went and booked into the Oceanic a 5* hotel on the beach. Turns out thatA?a??a??s where a lot of the INGOA?a??a??s are staying in luxury beach apartments. I just booked into a standard room. Really beautiful place, swimming pool, the lot, I have to say I was a bit sickened at the INGO long-term residents. Maybe there is no alternative but it doesnA?a??a??t seem right somehow.
I got to visit the religious sites we are rebuilding; as luck would have it one is on Nirvali beach, which is as beautiful as the books say. I also got to travel around the bays and cross one on a local ferry. I will be happy to go to Trinco if given the chance next year.

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