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This is the official website for tsunami reconstruction for Ampara District, Sri Lanka. Ampara District is located in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka and was severely damaged, with great loss of life, by the 2004 tsunami. Major reconstruction and revitalization efforts are required to recover from this disaster.

To address these needs, the Ministry of Housing & Construction Industries has partnered with the Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership (CASP) and the people of the Ampara District to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for tsunami recovery and to transform the District into a vibrant economic centre with opportunities for social and economic prosperity for its people.

This website is only one aspect of the Rebuild Ampara communications strategy. Here you can find news and other information on our partners, Ampara District, the Master Plan, and related reconstruction activities. Through this and other vehicles, such as local public engagements, we will keep stakeholders informed of our activities while encouraging grassroots input into the development of the Ampara District Master Plan.

We hope you find this site interesting and informative and we welcome your feedback throughout this process.

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