NGO’s can Cooperate!

Do we have to humbly apologize? For our earlier remarks.
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The often reported lack of cooperation between rival organizations has been disproven..
On a trip to OKANDA, at the entrance of the Yala East National Park, our reporter could not help to be rather impressed.

Of course, normally only one of the (up to 4) opposing adverts will be seen when hard working NGO’s pose in front of one of the ancient wells at Okanda (and elsewhere) to impress their gullible donors.
Remarkable! What a brilliant piece or coordination! No fighting for dominance here. Normally just one single side of the -still very dirty!! – wells was filmed of course.
Used entirely free of charge as a studio style backdrop for each Organization’s Self Promotion!
Well, well, well! Well done, mates.

Our nasty reporter didn’t apprechiate the wider backdropping either and went even further afield than remote Uganda.
He wanted us to publish shots of choked animals and other horrors – we declined because this is supposed to be a tourist promotion site.
But: Although poor, We do have a consience and concern for our environment!
How about YOU?
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Our Wild Life as well as regret that the budget of said Organizations did not stretch as far as the employment of a few local labourers.
Two full months after the Kataragama walk PVC and rubbish still litters one of the nicest part of our island.

10 local guys could have cleaned this beauty spot in one or two days, at ease.
People here do need education; this is where Western “experts” could have made a real difference.
Total cost: 10 x 5$/day = approx. 100$
The painting of self-adverts was obviously much more cost effective.
would certainly be ashamed if our logo would be associated with such mismanagement, anywhere.

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