#62 Palm Grove Holiday Inn

Amoxil drops price in pakistan Cheap deltasone vs prednisone #62 Palm Grove Holiday Inn is owned by a popular Ampara politician, Mr. Galapatti.
Set well way from the main road and town, #62 Palm Grove is the very first place in the entire area which received a proper, legal liquor license in 2002.
The place is popular with local hard drinkers, due to its remote location. Sri Lankans do not enjoy a drink in view of the wide public.
There is a busy off license, with somewhat inflated bottle prices – but who cares when the next legal competitors are a 2-3 hrs. drive away from here?
In addition to the local bar there is a fine, but not busy restaurant as well as a collection of a/c and non a/c rooms.

#62 Holiday Inn (sign)

Most foreign tourists may come to Arugam Bay for the beach, and Palm Grove is set well inland, so the appeal is rather limited by its location.

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