#51 HangLoose Hotel

Purchase emsam withdrawal symptoms Order oxytrol online #51 Hangloose (sign)#51 HangLoose Hotel was known as #51 GrassRoof Hotel for many years before it changed the name.
Muslim owned and run, #51 has always been very popular with Israeli Surfers, who felt very much at home in the former GrassRoof.
Mr. Farook, who was known to have a high, distinctive voice is the manager when he can spare time from this other jobs as local teacher in the Muslim college or his duties with the Arugam Bay Tourist Association or rubbish Collection service.

#51 Hangloose undergoing further construction

#51 Hangloose undergoing further construction

Lucky that Mr. Rasool is on hand, every day, to look after guests and frequent People’s Bank Congresses held at #51 HangLoose.

Rascal Rasool is slowly, but surely becoming another AbaY original.
Meet him one day and you you are certain to have Great Respect!
Meet him later that night: He will respect you, for sure.

#51 HangLoose offers rooms at good rates, is known for good food and nice vibes.
For the 2011 season we are informed that air conditioned rooms have also been added to the range of budget accommodation.

#51 Hangloose (establishment)

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  • arugambay@ymail.com

    mr: palermo the hangloose was best sarvice with best mangment untill 2012. May because there are was very good sataffs , they was with one misson , one visson thats is to make best the ”A” class hotel in anugambay but the bad luck is they missd best staffs, them of misson this is happend so maybe if they get the them staffs surly the Hangloose will get good comments, ‘A’ class will soon it’s my wishes , idea

  • Traveler rating:
    “never in hangloose”
    Aug 25, 2012 A TripAdvisor Member
    hi I’m back from a few days from sri-lanka, stay booked through surfsrilanka.it. ignoring the fact that the whole trip was wonderful for quality waves and stunning scenery, however, regarding the lsoggiorno in hangloose I was really bad. first arrival at the airport the driver would not tell me in any way the cost of transference until Arugam (I asked at least 10 times and he replied that it had to contact Farook, the operator of hangloose, who coincidentally did not answer ) the result was that on arrival in hangloose I had to pay 130 euros (15 more than in all the others). In hangloose no record of my reservation and the transfer by me had not been received because surfsrilka.it had given me the wrong data even though I had sent several e-mail that showed my insistence in asking for confirmation of room reservation …. luckily availability (so it was not for other Italians who came after me that have found themselves without Arugam room despite having booked, I remember two Sardinian). in any case I had to worry about for the next three weeks to find a way to get the money to Farook. The structure is quite neglected, uncared for and the garden area risorante squalllida, the rooms are in bungalows some other very big but very tiny (and who are the majority) the size of a closet or a little more. the rooms from the outside they had nice, inside were so dirty that I honestly do not remember having stayed in, in my many surftrip in similar places. the mattress cover (since there was no sheet) was covered in blood and laundry, the pillow was full of hair, to my request to have a sheet (because I hated sleeping on a mattress on top of bloody) I was given a towel (similar to eat) also dirty with obvious black spots and the floor had not seen a broom for several months was full of sand and corners as well as mountains of dust staying there fiok cotton used and never removed , then the bathroom was a masterpiece of dirt, the sink was covered with a blackish mud unidentified, the tablet from the inside of the toilet was filthy with excrement. the light is missing for 5 days and not present a generator we ended up having to leave the hotel to eat (even though we had paid the full board, since many food could not be cooked) and especially at night was impossible to sleep because without running the blade is not spinning. 3 weeks in hangloose we saw many couples and not of Italians (pretty much everyone except me and my girlfriend) and get the second day escape to other hotels, and I stress that it was not particularly fussy or picky people, we were all surfers used to sleeping in simple accommodation. Farook instead of worrying about the customers seemed to take care of tow groups of Russian and extort money through safari organized by him (and they were not at all comparable to those organized in the rest of Arugam) the only decent thing in hangloose is the restaurant and the staff of waiters and drivers who have always proved very kind attention to me. I conclude by saying that sconsiglierò in any way, to my friends and surfers (on the internet) to stay in hangloose.

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  • this hotel is ma.faizal

  • I like very much hangloose Hotel and it’s managements. I spent 2 days with my family in this hotel.

  • I spent more than one week during the last ramazan period. Mr. Haroon and his Brother highly dedicated to serve me in performing the fasting hole days.The provided meals for zahar ( around 4.15 am).

  • The place gave enthusiastic to enjoy with rich natural attraction along the coastel belt

  • Dinuka-Tangalle

    Great place with nice Razoo… Good foods we had always….

  • Great place , best food,good management ,fair prices and such a warmth hospitality.
    just have to visit farooks place.

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