Here we are

As Fred as stated on his previous post, it was time for a change for… I promised him a long time ago, but you know how things are… Anyway here we are now.

I have managed to convert Fred to blogging for Arugam Bay, not that it is important to be caught in the trend of blogging, but just that I believe it is a convenient way to provide news day by day about the bay and what’s going on around, but also that it is very easy to update for a none programmer savvy.

We are currently re working the content for this site to be feeded not only by news a like information but also we want to make it a reliable ressource of informations for the ones who wants to visit us at Arugambay.

Since we want this site usefull for you!!! we would love to hearing from you about what kind of contents you think should be available at, please feel free to use the comments box to wave your voice. We will hear all of you and will do our best to make this site meets your needs.

Help us a make a better ressource for the bay, togethere we are strong !!!

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  • Haenschen & Biggi

    lieber fred, somlak und team,

    wir wünschen euch alles gute und schauen immer wieder gerne auf eure internetseite!
    wir haben die arugambay erst einmal besucht, wissen aber, dass es nicht das letztemal war. auch dank euch! wir hatten sehr schöne tage im svh!

    glückwunsch auch zu der seite. sehr gelungen und wirklich informativ. die bilder sind klasse und zeigen denen, die die arugambay nicht kennen und “angst”vor dem osten haben, dass es dort doch noch leben gibt 😉

    weiter so!!!

  • Sabine,

    For sure we will conver all the accomodations available at Arugam Bay… We just need a bit of time to feed the base. In the maintime, you can help us to make this base grow, send us a report of the accomodation you have been (with photos if you can) and we will more than please to add your contribution to our site. is a participative work, more people get involved, higher quality of the content will be, concider this space as your space and send us all the material and information that you think is worth it. If you want to regularly contribute, we can even grant you an access so that you can manage your own post. (This offer goes for everybody that wants to be involved in the content of and the promotion of Arugambay !)

  • The Accommodation list needs to be expanded!
    I stay at Beach Hut and I forgot Ranga’s phone number.
    Can links to other web sites be added please?
    That would be a real support for the Bay.

  • Thom,

    Send your photos to, Fred is in Colombo for a week or so, but as soon as he is back he will take care of them.

    Who decides which are the best? eh eh eh Like I said earlier, here it is a participative project, Arugam Bay believe in democracy so everybody will vote for the best shot… currently Picasa (where the photos are hosted) does not support a voting system, but Markus is working hard on it and soon the power will be brought to the people and we will be able to rate the photos.

    Thank you for your support and we will be pleased to have your shots in our galleries

  • I have a few great surf photos, taken in the Bay during July/August.
    Who decides which one is the best?
    Or how do we vote for the best one?

  • Natalie,

    There is no reason to stop the Abay photogallery, why should we? We see the blog as a place to centralize not only the info on the bay but on all our project, such as the photo gallery for example.

    As you can see there is a direct link to the gallery and also we will put a post on the blog when we update the gallery.

    Expect even more on the gallery front soon, since Markus is preparing some great features for it, so that it will be even more fun…

    But but but, the photo gallery is a participative project, as we can’t shoot every day or at every event, we also rely on you, our beloved visitors, to send us photos and be a part of the ever growing Arugam Bay photo gallery…

  • I like the idea about the new blog.
    But we are missing an easy link to the great AbaY photo gallery!
    Just as all my friends really started to enjoy the daily posts of actually great photos from Arugam Bay we are worried that you are stopping it now.
    Let’s hope you will continue this beautiful and useful feature.

  • my friend

    wish you and your staff success and all the best for the future


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