Old man Learning

Hi Folks!
Greg, our new webmaster has presented me with a brand new idea.
To overcome out of date home pages he thinks a Blog is the anwer.

I still believe it’s a funny idea. Because we already have more than enough Bogs…specially around here…
Although old in age; I never refuse to give any innovation or improvement a fair chance.

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We made a start; how we go from here?
Where are the photos?
How does the show come online for all the see?
How is it helping us in Arugam Bay?
Do we have a slight chance to compete with donation dripping “Mercy Corpse” and their prodigies?
We LOVE compettition!
It serves to improve matters and is in the interest of our home Bay.
How can I refuse to cooperate; it’s half of my life’s ambition.

SVH Team
Arugam Bay

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  • it was “to be continued”
    “in A bay to drink good bottles of french wine as promised to Somlak. but I will try next year in 2007. (if you want to see me…)
    Big kisses

  • ok Fred,

    I’m going to ask to my collegue Fred (yes anoter one !) at work.
    I have also photos of august 2004 and a small film taken in 2004 mainly in peanuts farm surf spot. I thought I lost it and found it some days ago. We can see people of arugam bay in it before the tsunami. may be Greg can help me. Is it possible to pass a video in your site ? Or do you prefer i send it to you by post ?
    Sorry friends, but I can’t come soon in A

  • Dear Super friend Anne-Marie,
    & family

    If only a dozen more people would support us as much as you already have done: We would be perfectly OK. By now. And in every sense of the word, here in our -recently totally deserted- Bay, dear Anne-Marie!
    We are looking forward to receive YOUR photos to include in our present as well as planned categories.
    Simply submit them to:
    (they will be published from France)
    To start, try to send max. 500kb/each (best is 250kb) and restrict your total taffic to, say, no more than 3-5 of YOUR favourite shots.

    If you sent photos to:
    that’s also very good; we publish them from here in this case.
    If you like – and this applies to ALL of you:
    We are happy to grant administrative rights to YOU as well as any other nice and concerned person:
    You certainly are a prime canditate; if you like to assist us in future.
    Just drop us a mail – that applies to everyone !

    Lots of Love
    Fred & Somlak

  • Hi my friend fred,

    I like much more this kind of site than the former one ! Congratulations guys and Greg of course… As soon as I understand how to send photos, I’ll do it.
    Fred, tell me exactly how much you need for a web cam.
    You know my e mail adress. So use it please.
    Thank you for the news of Arugam bay. (I am daily connected)
    I hope that everybody will try to find peace in this beautiful village.
    Lots of love

  • It’s not even one full month ago, on the 28th August, 2006 that I posted my rather sceptical view somewhere here in this BOG (I knew it then! Lost! Can’t find my own entry anymore….what a moor/swamp)
    To keep the peace and in the absense of knowing anything better I decided to go along with Greg’s “funny idea” of converting our Front Pages into yet another b(l)og.

    We already had Arugam as a google group, as a forum romanum, an Arugam Forum in Thai and of course all the usual LP’s & ThornyTrees and German Reisespinner.
    What do I think now?
    “Hooked” is what I feel and what some friends have also expressed!

    We are also proud, just a little, that
    has proven itself as a brilliant, up-to-date source of Information.
    It is not our first relevant home page change. Remember?
    As early as 27th December 2004 the old AbHa site was already reporting directly from a flooded and totally cut – off area.
    And that was about a week before anyone else did anything or even came to our remote region.

    Already at that time we managed to give real information, the change of situations, on a day to day basis.
    What is normal today, was much harder in 2005 to do under such circumstances.
    Remarkable even more so considering that all lines, power and communication, were down until April 2005 in Arugam Bay.

    Maybe? In future you observe and remember: Where did you see it first?
    ITN/CNN/BBC or Reuters?
    No! This is the age of the citizen reporter learning to adapt new technologies.
    Now we can have dramatic photos and much more, in and out of remote areas like Arugam Bay, where we still live in underdeveloped, dark ages.
    If we are brave enough, we can report to a global audience and directly to our target group, you few guys with a weird interest in Arugam Bay. And we can do it without any real journalist ever having entered Arugam Bay.
    Pity we never received the promised web cam.
    We could have shown you live, in real time what was going on in the Bay!
    Uncensored!……What a show…..!
    Late 2004 floods and last weeks events ….”Real TV” with a difference, via the Internet ….brought to you as it happens – without any funds whatsoever spent on any program or wages and expenses.

    But sadly we are after all still no more than only a little self help group which has never received any funding.
    The rich NGO’s are either laughing about us  – or avoid us totally.
    A compliment really because we must be doing something right if they see us as a kind of compeditor.
    The difference is that we only have the promotion of the entire Bay at heart.
    We also work hard to improve matters all round.
    We don’t just hang around raising funds and we don;t just look for photo shoots to satisfy gullibe donors.
    Furthermore, we are happy to admit that we are still learning; even an old guy like me, associated with Sri Lanka since 1977. (Unlike most NGO’s who seem to know it all …….)
    I am certainly hooked on this concept now and I hope YOU participate and like this site as well.
    We may need more input from more people to address the balance and in order to round the general picture just a little before it becomes too political or critical.

    see our archives…to come …soon …to be attached here ….or what……Greg?

  • Dear uncle Fred,

    time has changed since we have been a small comunity of 10-15 people only in the early 90th. With some romantical tears in my eyes I see how everything is getting bigger, modern and more comfortable.

    Try to keep a nice place for us where we can live and feel like in old times – but keep yourself young!

    Thanks a lot for all your help you gave with this Blog to all Arugam Bay families and Stop Over Places. This indead will be a very good help after the desaster and I hope and wish it will go on successfull. Tourists need to come back to support the local economy and rebuild/-new Arugam Bay. Infact this remoted area is the best place on this island to do something good.

    I like to read about all the Abay guesthouses (never forget Per Goodman), sights, tours, surfspots and parties. No book can give so many informations like this Blog.

    Also the idea with the photos is very good and I hope lot more will be added soon. Will you go on to put a webcam on the beachside? Just to have a dream in cold winters where to go!

    Wish you all the best and good luck with everything,

  • You are doing OK, (not-so-)old man!
    We like the idea.

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