New A/c Bus Service. A Logic logistic Idea

Luxury Bus Service to Arugam Bay

At long last!
The air conditioned bus service, which we last proposed back in 2007 (see article below) has become a reality.

Shown the Yellow bus. Parked nr. Muslim School @ AbaY

Two new purpose build coaches serve the Colombo – PottuVille (Arugam Bay) sector every day now.
Departure: 21:00 daily at SLT office, Punchi Borella, nr. Maradana, Colombo10. This is near the Immigration Dept.
Arrival at Arugam Bay:  approx. 04:00 am

Departure 21:00  PottuVille  Town Cente,
Arrive : Back in Colombo before sunrise.

Price: Rs./ 750 per journey

Clean interior, airy, with a TV & sound

Phone numbers are shown. Other contact given is: 0773 864 656

Just for the record, here is an extract of our ideas 4 or 5 years ago:

Published on: Mar 19, 2007 @ 6:33

Apart from security concerns the main problem facing the Bay is the distance from the only International Airport, Colombo. And the high cost of getting across the island.

To hire a taxi, van or minibus to take you over 320km of bumpy roads today cost you even more than a flight ticket to Bangkok ($110).
So far, there is no comfortable, reliable bus service connecting the Bay.
AbaY Tourist Bus Service thinks that a good, say 60 seater air conditioned, second hand Tourist Bus could be purchased for about the same price as one of the houses (nobody really wants anymore) is being put up in the back woods of the Bay, i.e. 1.4Mill. rupees (14,000$).

By removing half the seats, fitting the bus out well, including a good sound and vision system and with a team of 4 drivers on rotation shifts this service could travel EVERY day:
06:00 Airport- 08:00 Colombo/Galle Face- 18:00 Arugam Bay
20:00 Arugam Bay- 06:00 Airport- 08:00 Colombo/Galle Face

With the new Southern Highway a motorway a stop off at Hikkaduwa should  also be possible. Making this a very interesting and highly lucrative bus route linking the Nation’s capital City with the island’s two main Surf resorts. We are certain, that even locals would love to use this kind of service in future.

Furthermore, would totally paint the Tourist bus all round with nature motives of the Bay and Yala East for three reasons:

  • 1.) To promote Arugam Bay and make the resort known in the capital
  • 2.) To demonstrate that regular, daily travel presents no problem
  • 3.) To show checkpoints that this is a TOURIST Bus by such it will make control easier

Indeed, if the operator, drivers  and conductors would be security trained:
They could  carry out vigilant pre-checks throughout and not allow any suspicious passenger on board.
After a few runs, experience has shown that an almost free passage will follow through all the check points.

The proposed fare should be around 10$/trip incl. refreshments making this a highly profitable mini business.
This service would be a benefit to the entire community and promote tourism.
The government route permits are no problem, as no such service exists so far.

Arugam Bay Bus Service

23 Responses to “New A/c Bus Service. A Logic logistic Idea”

  • There are no more direct air-conditioned buses.
    Between Colombo and Arugam Bay / and of course v-v.
    Only the ‘normal’, slow rather uncomfortable ones.

  • Can someone please confirm if the buses are still available?
    I will be arriving to colombo airport on the 3th of September.

  • Hy.
    I’m Luca, i’m italian and i will come in Arugam Bay to surf.
    I’m searching a transport from Colombo airport to Arugam Bay.
    I will arrive the 29th august at 4:30 AM at Colombo airport and i’d like to go directly to Arugam Bay.
    I Have a short surfboard too.
    Can you help me please?

  • Hi,
    We are 2 people leaving from a riga bay to Colombo airport/negombo on 23rd August.
    Anyone to share the taxi.
    Please contact me at

  • Sadly.
    In their wisdom the Government has suspended the Arugam Bay a/c Luxury Bus Service to/from Colombo.

  • Hey,
    wondering if the buses definitely run every night now and if so do you need to book or can you just rock up on the day?

  • I used the night bus from Abay to Colombo last year and it was great!
    I would like to use the bus from Colombo to Abay also this year but I find different information about the departing time: is it confirmed the departure at 21:00pm everyday from Pettah bus station in Colombo?


  • There are plenty of regular, non-air conditioned Government as well as private buses.
    Every day & night from the Pettah bus ‘stand’.
    Low cost – but not much comfort.
    Transit time about 8 hrs./ night – 9 daytime

  • Is there any other alternative to this service from Colombo or Mattala airports?
    even without air conditioning…

  • Sadly the very good air-conditioned bus service was stopped.
    There is a demand for it, but we are informed that there was some local opposition.
    Maybe from other taxi operators.
    That is why we try to promote the Taxi Sharing scheme here.

  • hello
    does this service still run from colombo to arugam??

  • I would ike to know more information about your air conditioned bus from Colombo to Aragum Bay. Is it necessary to book in advance and how much does it cost?

  • Hello,
    do you know if the service is still running/running again? as flo said, the numbers are not working and i can’t any information online…
    thanks a lot for your reponse!!


    Let me know where from I can book the ticket for Pottuveli from Colombo.
    0712 835 843

  • Hey there !
    Thats sounds great but does everybody knows if it is still running now ? i tried all the phone numbers and i got no answers at all…

  • Hi Michael,
    Please enlarge the yellow bus photo.
    The numbers are all there.
    When you have established if they have resumed the schedule, please let us know as well.
    Last few weeks this service was suspended, as there has been too little demand

  • This luxury bus service looks great!!
    Is there an email rather than a phone number to book?
    And is there a good transport link from Colombo back to the airport for a group (say 4 people)with surfboards and luggage?
    Thanks in advance

  • WOWWOWOWOWO,I can do weekend trips to Abay now! Is it windy?

  • I hear the trip is only Rs./ 700 ($6,30) and they even drop and collect you from just about anywhere in Arugam

  • That’s just under $7 / trip ($6,80) !
    Aircon luxury. One hotel night saved.
    Can’t be a bad deal.

  • hi this really good idea . thank you so much.

  • That is what AbaY needs!
    Good cheap transport, regular service.

  • A superb idea! So many tourists come to Sri Lanka but never make it over to the east because of the lack of affordable transport. I hope this idea becomes reality one day.

    Keep up the good work!


    Ms Fiasco

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