On The Bus(ses)

From The South to Arugam Bay

This article is written to clarify Public Transport options.
From the ”Deep” South (anywhere! – to remote AbaY)
We just offer this alternative to Travelers – it is NOT intended to compete with Taxi operators.
But this – once in a lifetime Journey – offers a Cheap, economical, environmentally friendly Thrill.
A unique chance of a life time, for travelers who prefer to spend saved cash directly within a Community.
And interact with day to day poor local travelers.

Stuck in (overpriced) Galle (Tuks charge up to Rs./ 500/km!)
– We searched the Internet:
And all sorts of strange results come up for this Connection (Galle to AbaY).
Quoting long journey times, difficult connections, weird rates, etc.
Apparently it is almost impossible, takes a day +++ and at least 13 hours.

We decided to put it to the test!

Departing at around 10am from Galle.
Main Bus Depot. Main Road – in this case on the Kataragama Bus.
We also could have chosen the Badulla Bus (via Wellawaya)
Or another one via Matara etc.
+ Points:
1.) Very reasonable (Rs./ 819)
2.) Very frequent services (every hour?)
3.) HUGE savings on Roller Coaster rides
4.) It for sure is Your thrill of a Life time = A really fatalistic ride of the Century

– Points
1.) Sardine Can experience (we got window seats – lucky for some)
2.) Far too many frequent stops all over the A2
3.) Loud Music (penetrating our own ear phones)

Next Bus:
Weerawila -to- Monaragala

+ Points:
1.) Very reasonable (Rs./ 406)
2.) Bus almost empty (Pick Your seat!)
3.) Pit Stop half way (Good Food & Drinks)
4.) Perfect Roads – great Countryside
5.) Much more civilised Drivers
6.) Donation based FREE Life Music (see below)

– Points:
1.) Goes round a LOOOOOONG way
2.) Via Wellawaya (nr. Ella) even
3.) That made the direct 60km ride into a near 200km sightseeing trip

The Last Bus:
Monaragala – to – Central Arugam Bay

+ Points:
1.) Incredibly Cheap (Rs./ 339 only)
2.) Leaves sharp on time (16:30 in our case)
3.) Super friendly, fair, helpful staff
4.) Clean Bus Station (with attached Liquor bar / shop)
5.) Bus continues to PANAMA via AbaY = At no extra costs
6.) That means they drop everyone off anywhere in Arugam Bay
7.) Saves Tuk Transfer from PottuVille to AbaY (Rs./ 1k)

Arrival in the Centre of Arugam Bay (at the m. Meena Bar / Siam View Bus Stop)
At around Sunset time:
Perfect for a first, cool drink in one of the leading Bars!

There are Many, Many ways EAST.
All are awesome ways to travel.
Some trips are super Cheap – and create Memories of a life Time

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