The Good. The Bad. And the …. much Better ;-)

A quick look at
Global, National and Local Security Issues.
Q.: Where?
Would YOU wish Your Kids to be in times of Trouble?

1# The GOOD:
According to the above Post / Research Sri Lanka = Ceylon
Is a safe, non contested or a Nation in dispute with any other!

2# The BAD:
Locally (Sri Lanka, Nationally):

Some expect new & more demonstrations.
Specially mid March due to local elections taking place.
Maybe similar to what had happened in mid 2022
But all of those will be on the other side:
The West. Not the East.

Because here people are generally content & happy.

Discontent in Colombo and the South is brewing up. Again

3#: The BETTER:
Just consider this confirmed History. Below.
Direct from The Ceylon….Sri Lanka..:
Eastern Front (aka Arugam Bay):

RED: We had a 30 Year Civil War
RED: We had a 2004 Tsunami
RED: There was a C-19 Pandemonium, globally
RED: We had Colombo Bomb Blasts

Yellow: Not a single shot was ever fired here in the “War”
Yellow: Surfers still came – and had a great, ultra safe time!
Yellow: Covid: AbaY remained Open every Day. Nobody had any issue here
Yellow: Those evil Bombs had no effect on AbaY at all.

Green: NO Covid
Green: NO Dengue
Green: NO Malaria
Green: NO Rabies
Green: NO Food Shortages
Green: NO Fuel Shortages
Green: Hardly any Power Cuts
Green: Great, High Speed Internet
Green: Always plenty of fresh Food, clean, unlimited Water!

VISIT remote Arugam Bay!
The perhaps most safe place to be.

Plus our more or less guaranteed 333 Days of Sunshine are also no mistake to enjoy….

2 Responses to “The Good. The Bad. And the …. much Better ;-)”

  • Sri Lankan government offer privilege to this village ” Arugambay”, so that no hesitation we welcome every one

  • Remote PANAMA as well as Arugam Bay (ULLAI)
    is known for one expression:
    If WW3 breaks out:
    We only will learn that from the TV

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