Trump “invests” in AbaY !

Investor, Developer President Trump shifts his focus from Ireland to Arugam Bay

A Wall around a famous Surf Bay, An outrage in Ireland (see link below) Now at Arugam Bay?

Surf Simply Magazine

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I build them very inexpensively.”

Donald J. Trump

As known President Obama is a keep water sports man & surfer.
Now Trump jumps on the popular bandwagon it seems: Reports are coming in.
That this keen developer has teamed up with a loco banker at nearby PottiVille.
To grab some prime property. Then brick it up
& develop the site.

Keen Surfer dude Trump. On his way to AbaY

Happy to see his predecessor wiped out

Believe you me: I can surf better than anyone.

Presidential staff unloads boards @ Mad Mattala airport. 2 hrs. distant from Arugam

Rival Obama was not interested in Walls at all.

1st victim of the Grand AbaY wall: The Siam View. Licensed bar bricked up end March, 2019

Rumor has it, that Trump made deals with a local bank. To take possession and brick the entire beauty spot and all old popular places up.

Lessons from the Republic of Ireland

Irish plans however, did run into stiff opposition:
Below extracts from the Surf Simply site.
Question is: Will the Arugam Bay Community and the Sri Lankan Nation tolerate such a take-over?

US Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s desire to build an impenetrable barrier along the border between the US and Mexico (inexplicably paid for by the Mexican government) is not the only contentious wall project that the seventy year old billionaire property developer and presidential hopeful is hoping to push through. Donald also wants to build a wall along a beach on Ireland’s wild west coast to protect one of his golf courses.

An empty peak at Doughmore beach. Photograph courtesy of Otter Surfboards.

Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) Ireland Ltd. are seeking permission to build a 4.5 metre high wall, consisting of 200,000 tons of rock, along 2.8 kilometres of Doughmore beach in front of a sensitive coastal sand dune ecosystem designated a “Special Area of Conservation” by the European Union. Construction of such a hard coastal defence installation will, according to the US based Save The Waves Coalition: “destroy the sand dune habitat, restrict public access, negatively impact the quality of the surfing waves, and ultimately result in beach loss”. Dune systems are, by their very nature, dynamic systems that trap and store sand, feeding beaches and offshore sediment deposits and acting as a “soft” buffer zone to protect the coast from storm damage. They are also rich but fragile ecosystems that support a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife. Trump’s golf course is built along the Carrowmore Dunes in front of Doughmore beach, a consistent and popular beach break, and local surfers are amongst those concerned that the disruption to the movement of sediment that a wall would cause would starve the beach of sand, negatively impacting the quality of the surf but more worryingly eventually leading to the disappearance of the beach.

If You stand for  justice, and do not like this type of “Progress:
Please sign the petition below:

Save Arugam’s Heritage and the Old SVH



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