Always in Season: Arugam Bay

Unless you are a surfer:
NOW is the BEST time to visit sunny Arugam Bay!
Brilliant weather
Mild & Sunny
Calm, Clear sea
Great Wild Life
Amazing Historical Places
Plenty of vacant rooms
Who says: It’s ‘Low’Season in the Bay of Arugam ?

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4 Responses to “Always in Season: Arugam Bay”

  • always busy Ocean Beach Hotel Arugam Bay…. have a nice day!!!

  • Now,in the so-called low season Arugam Bay is actually back to where it was: Quiet, no loud music, no parties inside the village, no beach boys, no drugs, no silly souvenir shops. Because all those new comers from down south, hikka, galle ect. have packed up and gone back to look after their own lucrative places for their main season. We love Arugam as it was/ and is NOW. And dread next year. When even more of the old, good original places in Aragum will fall and be taken over by the more experienced, better funded rich guys from the other side of the island.
    Not Bali is the problem or danger!

  • Sripala are AbaY originals, good people and friends.
    Some, who love the Bay as it was are worried.
    That the nice, unique resort is heading to be just another Hikkaduwa- Copy place.
    If AbaY loses it’s identity:
    It’s basically no more desirable.

  • A _ Bay is always in season to me! As A Siripala daughter!

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