Arugam. Asia’s Super Safe Resort

Order alavert side Arugam Bay is unique.

The ultra Safe Beach Resort: Arugam Bay

Arugam Cheap bestination is like a tiny island on it’s own.
Just one single road leads into the hamlet. Via a long bridge.
The next bigger towns like Monaragala or Ampara are hours away.
And the approach road is through a dense jungle.
With no houses in between.
The crime rate in the Bay is perhaps the lowest globally:
Everybody knows everyone here.
There are no racial tensions here, either.
Apart from the normal commercial rivalry all groups are basically happy with each other.

This makes Arugam Bay a VERY, VERY safe resort.
Even the long, island wide Civil war never affected AbaY.
There never was a war here !
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The climate is also truly amazing:
330 days sunshine/ year !

2 Responses to “Arugam. Asia’s Super Safe Resort”

  • True! Indeed.
    Not a hint of tension or trouble here in the Bay.
    A Happy relaxed crowd, cool FIFA nights under the clear star studded sky in an open cinema, great vibes and locals. Only PottuVille had a bit of a strike. The dusty muslim frontier town looked even more run down than normal. just don’t go there or to whisky point. nothing to do with religion, but local differences between recent influx from hikka boys fightimng with some local residents. etc.
    Police is around. They are cool. The never trouble any visitors. But they seem to be on the hikka side only – these drug guys can do what they want it seems. Like party all night without permits.

  • That´s thrue!
    Nice place!

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