Wild Elephants take lives of villagers in Ampara.

A house damaged by a wild elephant

(Arugam Bay, Lahugala & PottuVille are part of the Amara District)

Electric fences built to prevent Elephants from entering villages have been broken in many areas in the Ampara District endangering lives of people, with government paying scant attention to the problem.

Several areas including Samanabadda, Abhayapura, Buddangala in the Uhana Divisional Secretariat area under the threat of wild Elephants due to broken electric fences.A? Although Ampara Provincial Council Opposition Leader Daya Gamage and Parliamentarian Dr. Anoma Gamage brought up the issue at the District Coordinating Committee meeting, and reported over media, the government has not paid attention. R. G. Kularatne of Dematamalpalassa recently had to bear a cost of Rs 200000 when a wild elephant damaged his house.

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