Weekly fair at Panama

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A weekly fair has been started in Panama, off Puttuvil.

Just 10 miles South of Arugam Bay

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Panama Point. Overlooking the lagoon. Arugam Bay in the distance

This fair will be a great boon to farmers in the Hulannuge, Lahugala, Korullanpokuna, Masavva, Panama, Ragamvela and Veveyaya areas.

Eastern Province Education Transport, Land Development and Cultural Affairs Minister Wimalaweera Dissanayake said the fair will act as a mode for farmers to sell their produce.

Maize, Chilli, green gram and brinjal, ground nut are cultivated in a large way in the Lahugala Divisional Secretariat. These cultivations have a ready made market at the Paanama fair.


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