Pimp my (Arugam) ride

Another long delay between posts a?? must get into the habit of blogging more frequently! In our defence, Stu and I have been on full-time tour guide duty recently, first hosting our friend John from London for a fortnight and then my parents for just over a week.

They don’t like cricket… they love it!

Ita??s been great having the opportunity to catch up with news from home (not to mention getting a vital resupply of gin and books). Wea??ve done a fair bit of touring around the country, along with showing off some of the sights that Arugam Bay has to offer. Wea??re both really loving being here right now and having people here to go ooh and aah at the beautiful beaches and great food has reinforced just how lucky we are.

Noodle is still with us, although hea??s been had a couple of holidays to the beach while we were away on tour. Wea??re very fortunate to have two keen cat sitters down at Blue Ocean, the loveliest cafe in A-Bay, so hea??s been very well looked after while wea??ve been away. Hea??s amazing fun to have around, although wea??re getting increasingly convinced that hea??s got some tiger genes in him a?? both because of the beautiful stripes he has down his legs and his tendency to pounce on anything that moves at any given opportunity.

Noodle taking a break from chewing our toes

Both my parents and John came to Sri Lanka bearing gifts for Noodle, so he has a good collection of toys which hea??s slowly ripping to bits.
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Getting stuck in to the bling

Wea??ve taken the opportunity of a quiet day today to finally get the tuk tuk pimped up. Wea??ve been getting plenty of comments from the tuk tuk drivers of Pottuvil about the lack of bling on Flash a?? until now, hea??s been the plainest and most unadorned tuk tuk that Ia??ve seen in Sri Lanka. It was about time that we put that right, and fortunately my parents and my sister have provided some amazing materials for us.

Silver stars courtesy of mum and dad

My sister somehow found time to sew Flash-themed bunting and my parents bought some fantastic silver stars.

Homemade bunting – amazing!

Wea??ve invested in some proper wing mirrors (ours were a bit bent after the accident) plus some black wind-generators (not their official name Ia??m sure a?? designed to help the driver keep cool) and (my personal favourite) blue tassles for the handlebars. Wea??ve just spent an enjoyable hour or two getting everything in place, along with a little help from Noodlea??

Nexium online canada Noodle getting involved…

The new tassles are a big hit!

Since our last set of guests left about a week ago wea??ve been busy trying to make the most of our surfing opportunities here. Ita??s beginning to feel like wea??re counting down a bit a?? wea??re heading home in October for my sistera??s wedding, and will be moving to the south coast pretty much as soon as we get back two weeks later. Wea??re planning to make a new base in Welligama, which will I think bring a totally different experience to what wea??ve found in Arugam Bay. The south is much more busy, developed and well connected which I think will bring both benefits and drawbacks a?? wea??ll be much better positioned to look into working opportunities, and will be able to travel more easily without the same nightmare bus journeys, but will definitely miss the laid back quiet that we have in the east. Ia??m curious to see which lifestyle I end up preferring by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I have every intention of making the most of our last few weeks in A-Bay. Our surfing is definitely showing signs of improvement, and wea??re getting Flash out on the road a lot exploring a few different breaks. The only real concern is just how bad my tan lines are going to be for the wedding when we get back!


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