Sripalaa??s Place, Arugam Bay

Sripala’ s Place is one of the most original and oldest establishment of Renagel tablets 800 mg price Arugam Bay. They are situated near famous Surf Point for many years.

Sripala & Family, at Arugam Bay has just been notified of a legal case to relocate them. As soon as we receive confirmation and further information, details will be published here.

For now, please send us your old memories so that we can add them to our “Old Arugam” section. To document the Bay’s history. Send them to: And all will

be published here:

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  • Sunetha Parana Herathge

    As Siripala’s daughter & Ramini’s mum, I am sad and in deep shock to find my childhood past will be bulldozed out of the way so the professional surfers can have a road to the point ,so they don’t have to walk! This is extremely unfair & lacks the basic principal of human rights & basic dignity of Mum to earn a living!It is extremely unfair when other people next to mum & near will be still left in tact even though they are within the 200mts zone from the beach line!Mum lost the most out of the tsunami & never received the same compensation as others did & just when mum starts to get back on her feet, this happens.Please all you professional surfers out their,when you have your charming drive to to point just think that this was done at the expense of my mum’s livelihood!Also for all the blow in’s that now reside at A- Bay; just think that if you don’t get in and think like a co-operative like they have done in the Cocos Keeling Islands,they wiil be next! This should be a time when A-Bay people come together for the greater cause! but i am not counting on it! I will soon be sending some photos of mum’s place & finally can i please ask all the surfing & traveling community out there around the world that has received the kind hospitality that mum has given out over the last 40yrs or so, PLEASE HELP! in any way possible to bring pressure on the authorities that make decisions like this that there is a human factor involved! Please write to anyone possible to express your anger!
    Kind Regards,
    Janita, Ramini’s daughter.

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