Arugam’s “Monkey Man” has Died

In Memory of Herrn Wolfgang Heilman has been informed that Wolfgang Heilman, known as “The Monkey Man” throughout Sri Lanka has died in Cameroon, Africa.

The report has so far not independently confirmed, but it is believed that he contracted Malaria and passed away as a result of his untreated condition.

The mainly uneducatedA? Arugam Bay Community never really understood him. His outstanding contribution as well as totally unselfish support for our remote Bay has never been noted by most.
Specially after the 2004 Tsunami, he gave up his German job, risked and lost his good relationship with his Thai wife.
And, within hours after the Boxing Day waves,A? he transformed this very web site into the world’s first, trueA? Community based Tsunami Self-Help Web Site.

A strong critic of affluent and wasteful and mainly totally uselessA? NGO’s (“Enjoy’s”) he concentrated later in helping endangered species, and with the support of AbHa and a few German donors an animal orphanage was established in the grounds of the Siam View at Arugam Bay.

Often totally misunderstood by greedy locals, who demanded cash for luxuries such as mobile phones and motorbikes, he turned away from human support inA? jealousy dominated Sri Lanka.

After trying his best to assist the island and preserve its outstanding wildlife and Nature, he received no support himself at all. Indeed, organizations shunned and obstructed his work. As a result, be moved to West Africa, where he continued to do what he loved best:
To look after our planets greatest asset:

Our Nature,animals and wild life.
Bonnispaz cheap

Order diltiazem er RIP, Dar Wolfgang!

As a tribute, will publish some of his best Nature photographs shortly.A? Here. On HIS website. Of course.

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