Surfing the Nations. Arugam Bay Center update

Nicotinell order Sri Lanka a?? Surf Center

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The vision of a Surf Center in Arugam Bay, Sir Lanka was birthed when STN sent a team to help with the tsunami of 2004.A? A STN Surf Center would be an outreach center housing a permanent team with the ability to receive short term teams.
At the center, local people will be taught how to repair surfboards, will be taught English as a second language, will be able to train locals in food services by building a small restaurant on the property; will create a place to a??hang outa?? to watch surf movies; etc, etc.
We are sendingA?$500A?of the Jedidiah donation to our team in Sri Lanka for the Surf Center work/building.
The property is secure and we have finally successful dug our well (the well was a major project taking three attempts) so we now have water on property. Buildings still need to be erected so the base can become a place where people can live and gather together.
Sri Lanka is a big surfing destination for Israeli as well as other international surfers so wea??re looking forward to how this will impact them as well as the local community.
This summer there will be a 6 star surf contest event with Sri Lanka Airlines right in a??oura?? little village,
Arugam Bay.

Disbursement of the Jedidiah Donation:

Bangladesh Surf Clubhouse: $500.00
Sri Lanka Surf Center: $500.00
Wahiawa Transformation: $724.43
STN Wahiawa Headquarters: $15,519.00

Total Donation $17,243.43

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