2010: The STF adds to the Natural Beauty of Arugam Bay

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Buy bupropion hcl 100mg This year, 2010, the security forces had more time for truly peaceful and also very beautiful activities.
At nearbyA?Arugam Bay camp, just across the bridge to PottuVille, the Armed Forces staged A?a lovely competition between the various local camps:
Who’s Vesak lights display was to be the best, most elaborate one?

Best Vesak display at Arugam Bay camp

Here you see a very large one with imaginative motion action and intricate, beautiful small details added to the colourful display.
(STF = Special Task Force. An elite branch of the Sri Lanka Police)
A video clip showing full movements can bee seen on our Facebook site “Arugam Surf” as it was too large a file to upload here.
(See and click on the direct link below, bottom of this front page)
Below are sample photo impressions of most other displays, submitted by A?various camps around Arugam Bay:

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