Pale Rider. At AbaY

After much deliberation, wringing of hands, chitter-chatter and general twoing and froing, we have decided on an autorickshaw.

Allow me to introduce you to Flash.

Flash. He saved every one of us.

Flash is a four-stroke, 170cc, bright red tuktuk with extras. A?Some of the extras are wellworth having and really swayed our decision. A?The reverse gear for one. A?The bottle holder I could have taken or left, but the dashboard was a biggie. A?As was the second headlight.

If the random collection of cast-offs Bajaj have cobbled together and called a tuktuk is pretty funny to look at, ita??s even funnier to drive. A?A mouse has a larger turning circle. A?An angry trumpeting elephant is quieter, but I doubt Ia??ll ever experience quite such a blast on the road again. A?Sarah must have felt like the Queen of Sri Lanka as we drove the two hours back from the showroom. A?Every man, woman, goat and cockroach strained to see just who was being driven around in a brand new shiny tuktuk by a white man. A?I had people engage me in conversation as we were driving side by side. A?Head waggles-a-go-go as we passed through Pottuvil, our nearest town. A?Only the police, who pulled us over to check our questionably valid driving licence, took as long as thirty seconds before breaking into smiles, introducing themselves formally and telling us how great England are at cricket. A?I think you can all imagine just what a charming combination Sarah and a brand new sparkly tuktuk make.

Which is lucky. A?Therea??s a rumour around town that people who steal local business have experienced tyre pressure difficulties or windscreen malfunctions, so wea??ve been at pains to tell everyone we meet that we are in no way interested in taking money out of the pockets of local people by owning a tuktuk. A?Flash is a family vehicle. A?Of course, my taking our cook, Salaam into Pottuvil to pick up some diy hardware at the busiest time of the day might not have cemented that picture into peoplea??s minds. A?So Saraha??s charm might come in handy. A?Wea??ve already downloaded the theme-tune to Flash Gordon, by Queen, in case that comes in handy.

At the guesthouse wea??ve been blessed with a stream of great guests. A?The place is really beginning to become a haven for cool people. A?And geeks like us. A?We said goodbye to Brandon and Fabianne yesterday, two honeymooners who have kept us sane and amused over the past two weeks. A?It was quite emotional saying goodbye and theya??ve left a hole. A?Wea??d grown really fond of their competitive spirit and lust for life. A?I hope good memories of body-surfing, sunrise at Whiskey Point, talk of film-making and stupid accents see us through until next time.

As for the dogs, well therea??s a third puppy, Rover. A?Rover sleeps on our porch and licks our feet. A?Hea??s been raised on a diet of weet-bix, vegetable stock and biscuits and has taken on the stature of a small Winston Churchill.

Finally Ia??d like to invite you to help us with modifying Flash. A?Furry dice? A?Stars and stripes? Klaxon? A?Tell us what youa??d like to see on the tuktuk and wea??ll see if we can pimp it accordingly.
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What would you like to see on the tuktuk?

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