ArugamBay, Sri Lanka

Hay Everyone,

So where do i begin….

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Cabana Cabin by the beach

…….. This morning I got up at 4:00am to walk to the airport and get the plane to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I met a guy on the plane named Loxly who runs tours in Sri Lanka from his home in Melbourne. He also owns a night club in Colombo and wants me to be a d.j at his club for the night I am staying Kuala Lumpur. Not too sure what to think of this…but he said if an Aussie or a European is D.Jing in the club he pulls in a good crowd. I told him I have never done this before but appantley all I need to do is choose a few songs and “mingle”. We’ll see what happens. (Becker – my extreme act you asked me to carry out will be D.Jing at a Kuala Lumpur nightclub).

I arrived in Colombo and met my driver named Myzan. I was unaware when I got to Colombo that they have had the most rain seen in 50 years and the city is flooded. It took about 2 hours to get out of Colombo itself.The car drive was scary to say the least. Myzan drove at brake-neck speeds on the wrong side of the rode whilst constantly on the horn. Even if there was no cars around… he loved to beep. Anytime he passed a lady, he beeped. Everytime he passed a dog, he beeped. At one point he clipped a pedestrian with his mirror and kept on driving like it was a normal thing to do. Didnt even check his mirrors to see if the guy was okay. We also came around a corner on a remote road to lock-up the brakes becuase of a wild elephant sitting in the middle of the road. Myzan beeped at the elephant (as if it was a normal occurance), the elephant got up slowly and walked off without even looking in our direction. It took 10 hours or awkward driving to reach Arugam Bay. I checked into my Cabana which is unreal. It sits on the sand dunes, is double story with bed upstairs and hammock downstairs. It also has a trap-door and firemans pole leading to a toilet and shower which has no roof. I chucked my bags in the room and went for a quick surf out the front of the Cabana. The surf was pretty good. Only about 2 feet but clean. Water is really warm. After the surf I got speaking to some british tourists and will probably have a drink with them tonight. Sri Lanka is really cool. It feels completely different to no place I have ever been. All of the people stare a lot. Not too sure if its becuase they dont see many tourists out this way, might just be the culture.
The wildlife is unreal.
Already seen about 10 wildA?elephantsA?and a crocodile.

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  • Hi blogger, where are you staying. Your Cabana looks unreal. I am coming to A bay from Aus in 2 weeks and was wondering what the name of your place is. Or any other info on accommodation that is cool, with a good vibe, ideally on the beach and close the point for a surf. Your help is appreciated.

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