Arugam Bay II

Ia??ve been to Arugam Bay before in its tourist season and ita??s an absolute beauty. The waves the wind and everything was so perfect. However in the raining season ita??s not the case; you cannot even go out because of the rain. In the raining season ita??s very hard to find a day without any rain. Thanks to a weather forecasting website I was able to find a day without any rain. It was 26th December 2009; the day is exactly 5 years after Sri Lanka was hit by the Tsunami in 2004, and surprisingly Arugam Bay is one of the very first coasts to get hit by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. A set of old friends of mine was planning on a trip and my initial idea was to go to Hikkaduwa and have some fun, somehow the destination happened to be a??Siyambalanduwaa?? a place where many people havena??t been to. Siyambalanduwa is closer to Arugam Bay, just 30km away to be precise. So we planned a three day trip, the route we chose was a little long. We started the journey in the early morning around 4.45am from Colombo on 25th December 2009. We were near Rathnapura by 7.00am and we went to Bambarakanda waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It was about another 40km off our route. We went to the waterfall and had breakfast there. After that we went to Diyaluma waterfall, the 2nd tallest waterfall and probably the most famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. We didna??t make a stop there like earlier because the waterfall was clearly visible from the main road. Bambarakanda waterfall Cheap haldol medication Diyaluma waterfall After watching the waterfalls we continued our journey to Siyambalanduwa. We stayed at Piyuma??s house at Siyambalanduwa. In the first day we didna??t do anything other than watching the two tallest waterfalls. We went to bed early as we were planning to go to Arugam Bay in the next day morning. We got up early and went to Arugam Bay. The sea was not beautiful as before, there were no surfers and it was not much crowded. But fortunately my forecast on rain was correct, it was not raining and the skies were clear. December is not the season for tourists but by 11.00 am there were many local people coming to Arugam Bay especially from Colombo to enjoy their long weekend. Arugam Bay Since the lunch was already arranged at Piyuma??s place at Siyambalanduwa we left the beach early, on our way we went to an ancient place called a??Magul Madu Viharayaa?? and headed back to Piyuma??s place. Passing a??Lahugalaa?? we saw a wild elephant, they were very close to the main road. First we thought we were lucky to see an elephant around but then again we saw many wild elephants on the way. In the third and final day we visited another historical place

called a??Biso Kotuwaa?? a big swimming pool of ancient times :D. The route we chose to get back to Colombo was even longer than what we used to come to Siyambalanduwa. But it was even better, we came through a??Udawalawe National Parka??. The Udawalawe National Park is a paradise for elephants. We saw about twenty individual elephants here and there. A wild Elephant at Udawalawe National Park

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It was raining heavily throughout the journey way back to Colombo; however we managed to get back safely around 7.00pm on Sunday.

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