Why go to …Arugambay?

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Boot n' All

Boot n' All

6 Countries on the US State Dept. Alert and Warning Lists That You Should Visit Anyway

By: Katie Hammel

Sri Lanka

The travel warning (by the US State Dept.):
After 25 years of on-and-off violence against the government of Sri Lanka by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which took place mostly in the north and east areas of the country, the government announced the defeat of the rebels. While the US warning states that there have been no indications that US citizens are or were targets of the LTTE, Americans should still be aware of danger while traveling in the Sri Lanka. They are discouraged from riding the bus and from visiting the Northern Province and the northernmost areas of the North Central Province, where remnants of LTTE may still exist, along with uncleared landmines that pose danger to visitors.

So why go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka features an amazing amount of diversity, not only its different cultures, but in its landscape as well. From the golden sand beaches of the islanda??s southern end to the rolling green fields of Hill Country, there is so much to explore in Sri Lanka. Despite internal conflicts, Sri Lankans have always welcomed visitors with gracious hospitality and kindness.

Fertomid 25 price Arugam Bay is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, and offers the best surfing in Sri Lanka from April to October. For wildlife viewing, including the chance to spot leopards in their natural habitat, visit Yala National Park on the countrya??s southeast side. Safaris here are a popular activity and offer opportunities for viewing elephants, reptiles and plentiful species of birds, in addition to the jungle cats. Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last area of undisturbed rainforest in Sri Lanka, is also popular for wildlife viewing and eco-tourism. To get completely off the beaten path, head to the sleepy town of Ella in tea plantation country, which only received electricity about 20 years ago.



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  • I’ve read a lot of useful informations on this website. Thanks for all the information you post! I was so excited to visit Sri Lanka so I just booked a surf travel. Hope to get some more background information till April. I really want to see some things beside the tourist scene…

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