Drive Down, out of town.

So ita??s time to plan our little trip down south. Most probably stopping over at Mirissa & Hikkaduwa along the way to Tissa & eventually Pottuville via Monaragala. Was in Beruwala over the weekend & visibly noticed the effects of the increased tourist arrivals, although official figures only show a 7% increase in October I believe, the foreign guest nights have doubled from 200K to more than 400K, a staggering figure. But somethinga??s never change & Sri Lanka seems to be living up to ita??s old tagline of a??a??The worlda??s retirement homea??a??, with so many retired holiday makers around its hard to convince anyone otherwise.

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Ia??m hoping & expecting Hikka to be different, although I know Mirissa will certainly live up to the hype. The Mirissa surf point comes alive during this of the year & well, Ia??m still learning to thread water. So until next season Ia??ll place some value on my life & enjoy a good smoke and drink on the tropical beaches and leave the reef dodging surf skills to the experts.

Since we might be doing Potuvil via Tissa & Moneragala, passing the ever famous village of innocent vegetable growing farmers called a??a??Thanamalwillaa??a??, Ia??m lying, but you already know that and what really goes on down there, might spend some time at Tangalle, this place is far less commercial & I think Ia??d take quite nicely to be the peace & quietness that these beaches offer. Just need to convince the others, who would trade a month in Sinharaja to a single night in Vegas.

Ia??m still not too sure if the Buttala katharagama road is safe for travel, hence to Pottuvil via Thanamalwilla. A definite must do during a??safe timesa??, the buttala katharamaga road is a 30km stretch of straight road with the Yala national park on either side, you might also be disturbed by the occasional elephant crossing. But the Tranquility of this stretch is amazing, ita??s like being oblivious to the world & youa??re the only one living in it. The sun beats down on your face, the silence of the Jungle & of the rubber threading the tar mat. But then again, during the last stages of the Lanka a?? LTTE war, LTTE cadres were known to have hidden in these Jungles, ambushing a truck full of military personnel with a clamor mine & hunting down innocent villagers making authorities close down the road. Hopefully its safe now, it would make things a hell of a lot more interesting.

Either way, ita??s not Christmas carols & drunken celebrations in Colombo that will make this December note worthy. A trip Southwards, which promises to be the best Ia??ve had in a long time is enough motivation to keep me working like a dog in making sure official work doesna??t get in the way at the last minute.

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