Former AbaY Surf Club Chairman died

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  • Former Abay Surf Club Chairman Dies – 49 year old Former Arugam Bay Surf Club Chairman, Ranjan, died of a massive heart attack whilst surfing at Baby Point, Arugam Bay, on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. Attempts of CPR by both local people and western tourists alike, to revive him, proved fruitless as numerous locals stood helpless around him. Ranjan died doing something that was close to his heart and will be sorely missed. He was a mellow and humorous pillar of the local community, leaving behind a wife and three sons. Alan, the eldest, is a regular surfer, who uses UK surfboards donated by Paddle4Relief. He has been a force within the charity by using his skills to repair our computer. Ranjan’s death again shows the need for both Beach Life Guard and a Medical Centre in the village. With the Civil War over, internal travel within Sri Lanka, particularly the East and North is more relaxed, so seeing increasing numbers of both Western and Sri Lankan Tourists crowding the beach and sea. It is now more apparent that there is a desperate need of qualified life savers. Regularly local surfers are rescuing individuals from the unpredictable tropical coastline. The young surfers of the village are demanding action to prevent further loss of life. They are willing to undergo training and man the local surf breaks in an attempt to save life and prevent injury. These young men are turning to the International Humanitarian, Medical, Surfing, Surf Life Saving and Water Sports Communities to assist them in their quest! Out of respect to Ranjan the community of Arugam Bay are focused on achieving this quest and hope that all that read this article can be generous in offering either practical or financial help. Please either contact Fawas, present Chairman of ArugamBay Surf Club – or Tim Tanton, Paddle4Relief –

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