Hotspot Arugam Bay

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  • Samitth Siri,

    Yes, 3G is available via Mobitel in Arugam Bay. It costs (as I recall) 50 rupees for 1 day or 100 MB, whichever comes first. Of course you have to buy a SIM card first (it will cost a few dollars) and you have to have a 3G-capable phone or a 3G USB stick to use it. Connection speeds are typically 1 MB/sec down, but much less than up. I found that that impressive – and useful.

    Kind Regards,

  • Varuna

    Ab Ha is avery confusing. Wont it be nice to change it to ABHA to represent Arugam Bay Hotel Association

  • Varuna

  • MAXA nice to hear about it. So…… now I must plan to take my laptop for the Arugam Bay trip. My friends can see me @ the worlds most beautiful beach. Thank god! 🙂

    may I know that there is 3G network coverage @ Arugam Bay?

  • AbHa: Arugam Bay Hotel Association

  • So very sweet of AbHa to provide this FREE service. And by the way what does AbHa stand for ? ( i am very ignorant !!!!)

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