Spectacular end to champions surfing contest in Arugam Bay

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a??A fantastic opportunity to discover one of Sri Lankaa??s greatest assets a?? the excellent and spectacular beachesa??– Director of UK Pro Surf Tour
a??Sri Lanka Champion of Champions Surf Contesta?? reached its climax today when UK grabbed the award of the first place in the open event category beating 47 other competitors in one of the most exciting surfing events in the world, held off the Eastern coast.

Minister of Tourism Promotions (Non Cabinet) Faizer Musthapha attending the presentation ceremony highly commended the participation of the a??UK pro- surf toura?? contestants, particularly since they arrived before their Government eased its Government advisory to enter Sri Lanka due to security concerns.

The British government relaxed some travel restrictions on Sri Lanka yesterday.

Commenting on the decision of his Government for this positive move towards Sri Lanka British High Commission Dr Peter Hayes said UK no longer discourages British holidaymakers from enjoying leopard-spotting at Yala National Park, surfing at Arugam Bay or admiring Trincomalee harbour, one of the worlda??s deepest natural.

The event also strengthens Sri Lankaa??s claim to be one of the best destinations for sports tourism, it has been pointed out by experts in the industry.

Arugam Bay, which is renowned as one of the best a??point breaksa?? in the world is now accessible as a result of the successful elimination of terrorism from the country. Arugam Bay has been ranked among the ten best surfing locations in the world.

Speaking at the occasion Minister Musthapha said that all the arrangements will be made to hold the a??World Surfing Championshipa?? competition in Sri Lanka next year adding that the liberation of the nation from the grip of terrorism will see the dawn of a new era in Sri Lankaa??s tourism industry.

Elaborating on the world class natural scenic beauty in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka which has a great potential in promoting tourism to the world, he said that swift measures will be taken to develop the infrastructure facilities in the region enabling easy access to foreign tourists to the region.A? He said that the possibility of arranging local flights to the Eastern region is to be discussed with the Air Force.

A special surfing event for Sri Lankan contestants was also held in line with the main event.

At a media briefing held yesterday at Tri Star Hotel, Arugam Bay, Dave Reed, Director of UK Pro Surf Tour, stated: a??Ita??s good to be back in Sri Lanka again and we are happy to see world class surfers competing in Arugam Bay. It is a fantastic opportunity for competitors from around the world to discover what I believe to be one of Sri Lankaa??s greatest assets a?? the excellent and spectacular beaches.a??

Meanwhile Sri Lankaa??s tourism authorities have unveiled plans for substantial new resort development in the previously off-limits north of the country.

The development, the first of its kind to be announced since the end of the civil war, will include hotels and a marina and will extend over the 14-island archipelago of Kalpitiya, about 100 miles north of the capital, Colombo, officials have described to foreign media.

In total the development, which at the moment is at the consultation phase, is expected to cover 4,000 acres and long stretches of untouched coastline. It will be aimed at the upper end of the market.

Courtesy: Government Information Department

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