Steve is Not Lost at Arugam Bay!

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In fact, he spent a full day on a fishing boat recently.
To deliver these great shots of the Surf Comp to you!
DSC_9427 copy-1

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…..And there is more….:

2 Responses to “Steve is Not Lost at Arugam Bay!”

  • wow, unique shots. steve, if you do read this – though i said we were leaving for colombo – the wind picked up while at Siam View and i actually went kiting with two others – didnt have your number to call and let you know – would have had some nice shots huh. haha. well, end of the month i come and again in august, september and october!

  • good picters.thanks far mambo surfers and southside boys advancing..can i get results of every heats allready finish. thank you very much.

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