Britain relaxes travel restrictions on Sri Lanka

UK Mission

UK Mission

The British government has relaxed some travel restrictions on Sri Lanka. British High Commission Dr Peter Hayes said UK no longer discourage British holidaymakers from enjoying leopard-spotting at Yala National Park, surfing at Arugam Bay or admiring Trincomalee harbour, one of the worlda??s deepest natural ports.

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a??Wea??ve taken this decision based on our assessment of the improving security situation in these parts of Sri Lanka.,a?? he said in a press release.

However the release said that in light of the uncertain security situation in areas recently affected by conflict we continue to discourage British tourists from travelling to other parts of the Eastern Province and continue to advise against all travel to northern Sri Lanka.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides information to help British nationals make informed decisions about their safety abroad.A? This includes information on threats to personal safety arising from political unrest, conflicts, terrorist activities, anti-British demonstrations, lawlessness, violence, natural disasters, epidemics, and aircraft and shipping safety.

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