Gold Coast copies AbaY reef break?

Ken Lambert

A different take on the reef is given by Gold Coast surfers who put the idea of a reef down to Ken Lambert a Gold Coast electrician who dreamed that it might be possible to create a break like Arugam Bay Cheap ceftin antibiotic side in Sri Lanka.

Ken had some diagrams drawn up and submitted them to Gold Coast Council in 1998.

The Narrowneck wesite tells the complete story and outlines a different form of construction to what was eventually settled on by the builders:

“In essence what we drew up was a triangular structure made up of columns of stacked car tyres. Each stack was held together with heavy duty plastic ties at several points around the tyre’s ‘circle’.

“The columns were to be anchored individually by burying the first 5-6 tyres into the seabed and then infilling with pumped sand.

“The stacks were then chained together using heavy duty plastic ties allowing the columns to sway back and forth mimicking the movement of bull kelp and so dissipating the force of the waves”

Ken Lambert’s design was not taken up but the Narrowneck reef concept was and has become a favourite spot for the surfers.

According to the Griffith University’s Centre for Coastal Management baseline study done in 2003:

“The reef has provided significantly improved surfing conditions for a wide range of surfcraft. The reef increases the surfability of waves even with onshore winds.

“The video monitoring shows a very high percentage of times when waves break on the reef but not on the adjacent bars.

“In average conditions, the waves tend to be more spilling than plunging particularly at high tide – this is preferable for safety and more inexperienced surfers.

“In larger swells with offshore wind conditions the waves are hollow and the crest bags can a??suck drya?? even with the lowered crest level.

“In large swell conditions, particularly with a longer period, surf conditions suit experienced surfers and in these conditions tow in surfing has been practiced.
“A number of regular competitions such as the Clean Water Teams Challenge and one off events such as the National Kiteboard Championships have been held at Narrowneck since the works were implemented.

One of the worlds best breaks is Aragum Bay in Sri Lanka. The Narrow Neck Artificial Reef was meant to be similar in the right conditions.

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