Arugam. In A Poem

Where dreams are dreamt,

folded neatly and kept in the deep nooks of ones heart until
until they grow wings ..and..soar.

If you ever eavesdrop
Feet buried in wet sand
in Quibron-t buy Arugam bay , in Rumassala, In Lavinia
you could hear the ocean whispers ,
sharing the secret sea shell dreams she has heard, with the shore.
White . Pure. Sea shell dreams, hidden in the damp sand ,
only the ridges can be oh so slightly seen
Dreams of colour , white jasmines dream ,
Frangipani trees dreaming of having the scent of sepalika
The hushed sighs , butterflies release
amid the flutter of their wings,
while they flock to Siripade
wishing of nothing more, than a day to live.
Coconut groves and Palmairah palms sharing their fancy
with the wind that whisks
of a fervent drizzle to enliven their souls.

Simple dreams
A dream island
Oh Lanka..

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