mini Quake at Arugam Bay

This morning a tiny earth tremor caused no damage at all, but some concern amongst the village people of Arugam Bay. Ophthacare online games

Tsunami Warning system Arugam Bay Hill

Tsunami Warning system Arugam Bay Hill

As usual, fears of another Tsunami surfaced. Some ran away into the opposite direction. Just as they did end of 2004, towards Lahugala. still maintains a highly efficient Early Warning System. Due to our own strong Thai connections we receive very quick and first hand warnings directly from the world’s most advanced centre at Silom Road, Bangkok.
There was not a hint of danger – so our sirens were not activated.
However, we are also informed that a mast (see photo) has recently been erected on the hill overlooking the Bay. It is however not known to us if this system is active and tested so far.
Our own opinion:
Clonidine depression treatment The next real Tsunami will come! The question is: When?
The ONLY real answer is: Build Tsunami resistant structures.
Or construct low level dwellings well away from the sea as indicated by the Government 100 or 200 Meter zone, earlier.
Do NOT reconstruct low level, low quality buildings near the sea front! As this will endanger the life and security of residents and visitors in future.A? For sure.

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  • Shifting of tectonic plates cause for tremors

    by Lakshmi DE SILVA

    The earth tremors like the one experienced last Wednesday (15) at several places including Kandy, Kataragama, Tissamaharama, Hambantota, Weerawila, Galle, Panama, Ampara, Badulla, Monaragala and Lunugala, were caused by seismic movements of tectonic plates. However, since we are placed in the centre of the Indian tectonic plate it was very unlikely that extensive damages from a direct impact of an earthquake could occur in our country Geo Physicist, Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, Nilmini Thaldena told Sunday Observer Friday (17).

    In the recent past, Sri Lanka had experienced a number of earth tremors. A tremor felt around Monaragala on July 07, 2007 was due to an earth quake that occurred in the Bay of Bengal at a magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale some 400 kilometres away from Batticaloa. Exact sources of several tremors felt in Beralihela, Tissamaharama area (September 2007) was not known. Also these tremors were not stronger than 3 measured on the Richter scale she said.

    During 2008 tremors were reported from Sigiriya on April 4, Tangalle on August 6, Diyatalawa on October 23 she said.

    Though several other moderate earthquakes took place in the Indian Ocean region south of Sri Lanka and it was believed there was a defused plate boundary in the making some 500 km south of the southern tip of Sri Lanka as the cause of those tremors or minor quakes. But any damage that could be caused to us from this regional setting is minimal as most earthquakes that occurred were below or around the magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale.

    People should not panic unless the Meteorological department announces any major disaster.

    Though we at the National Seismic Data and Tsunami Alert Centre of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau monitors such occurrences all 24 hours of the day we inform the Met Department in case of an emergency situation which could be very remote at present Deputy Director I.M. Mudunkotuwa noted.

  • The Sri Lanka Daily News had this to say about the event:

    Minor tremor rattles several areas

    Lakshmi DE SILVA

    A slight tremor was experienced yesterday around 8.45 a.m. in Tissamaharama, Hambantota, Lunugamvehera, Weerawila, Kataragama and Galle as well as Panama, Ampara, Badulla, Moneragala and Kandy, Geology and Mines Bureau Department Director Dr. Kithsiri Dissanayake told the Daily News.

    Chief Adhikarana Sangha Nayake Thera, Ruhunu Magampattuwa, Ven. Kapugama Saranatissa Thera said after the auspicious time for anointing oil for the new year, a slight earth tremor was felt at Kataragama but there was no harm to anyone or property. To

    The administrative officer of the Kataragama Devale W. Gunasena said the tremor was felt around the same time but no damage was reported. Monkeys living in large numbers in the area had climbed down from the trees and hid in nooks and corners before the tremor was experienced.

    Even before the tsunami animals had behaved like that and fled the area, he said.

    Geologist Professor Kapila Dahanayake said he received several telephone calls from Galle, Tissamaharama, Kataragama and Kandy about the tremor. Earth tremors such as yesterday’s occur at different times and according to telephone calls he received, the tremor at Polgolla and near Trinity College, Kandy and had lasted a short time but he had not felt it though he lives at Aniwatte, Kandy.

    “It was a mild tremor or a harmless small earthquake, but if repeated in a short period could be dangerous,” Professor Dahanayake said.

    Dr. Dissanayake said according to data available at the Pallekelle station, the tremor was less than four on the richter scale.

    “There were no adverse effects or no tsunami threat.

    However we have only one station to monitor earth tremors but we are hoping to instal two more such stations at Hakmana and Maha Kanadarawa. Earth tremors or quakes could not be predicted but monitored when they occur.”

    Prof M.P. Wijeyanada when asked whether Sri Lanka is in danger of facing an earthquake, said Sri Lanka is in the centre of a geological plate and not near a crack and was not in danger of experiencing earthquakes.


  • This event was also reported by
    Text as follows:

    Earth Tremor in Eastern coast of Sri Lanka

    A minor Earth quake occured shortwhile ago in several places of Sri Lanka including Pottuvil, Panama, Ampara the Disaster management centre and meteorlogy department are confirmed.

    Residents of Pottuvil area said that the earth tremor lasted for two minutes. According to Disaster Management Centre there were no injuries reported so far. And some sources quoted that they are were small damages in houses in those areas.

    Update: Our correspondent in Pottuvil said, he had felt the earthfelt when he was working with his computer. And several people in Twitter have twit about this earth tremor. Some people quoted that they were really scared about this tremor.

    Meantime, Meteorlogy department is conducting further research on this tremor. Stay tuned with, for latest updates.

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