Eastern Highway code: Give Way to the Bigger one.

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I just returned to Arugam Bay from Colombo. I left at 07:00am and landed around 16:00hrs. non stop in my rattling old rusty VW van. In the capital city interest in the East Coast has increased. Many guys asked to visit Arugam Bay in April. They have one full week off! Poya day (9), Good Friday (10), Easter weekend, Tamil & Singhala New year (13 & 14).
Driving along the A4 as usual I received a few calls from my new Colombo friends. The usual questions: Is it safe, what is the security situation like etc.
Therefore, here is one further word of advice:

All is VERY safe! Do come. We have NO problem here in the Bay or on its approach roads!

But: If oncoming traffic, day or night is flashing at you. Anywhere after Simbalanduwa.
No! There are NO speed checks at Lahugala!
(The last 40km are too bad for that anyhow)
It most likely is the odd elephant on or near the (unfenced) road, the main A4.
Back off. Show them respect: And all all is well.

They simply disappear into the forrest.
Above are a few shots to drive the message home
(No, the photos of VWA? safari couple have NOT been taken around here!)

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  • I left Nugegoda recently at 2pm and arrived Arugam Bay at 11pm. Saw a wild elephant 5-10 metres away from the road at Lahugala. That was awesome especially on a moonlit night in the middle of the jungle 🙂

    Other than the risk of knocking an elephant at Lahugala in pitch dark, there is no risk of travelling to Arugam Bay 🙂

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