Arugam Village Centre Autobahn. Progress

Exactly one year ago we voiced our concern, published the abbreviated article below.
WeA? formed a group called “Arugam Bay Walking Street”. To join, see link below.

Deltasone how much

Beginning 2009 work has started to widen and ‘rehabilitate’ Arugam Bay’s Beach Road. So far, most residents are happy. Soon maybe no longer. Serious accidents!

New wide  trunk road March 2009

New wide trunk road March 2009

More recent photos are here:

This is an extract of the initial article, published March, 2008. You can see more below:

The Future of Arugam Bay Beach Drive is being decided by guys like Delivery precose USAID.
Present plans appear to favour the construction of a fast, through road. Results?

Accident on Road

Option #B might look something like this:

Walking Street

Or, Option #C like this:

Busy Main Road

Or would you prefer Option #D; something like this scene?

Street Cafe's and Boutiques

Right now it still looks like something this; true it does need certain improvements…:
Road under construction since 2004
But so-called “Progress” might result in this; Option #E:
Motorway to Panama

A Walking Street, closed to fast traffic is very popular abroad.
Many feel that Arugam Bay would very much prosper if a By-Pass would be constructed instead of upgrading the only Street we have into a kind of race track or Motorway.
Here is Option #F:
Popular European Walking Street

Please have us YOUR views, ideas and Comments!

16 Responses to “Arugam Village Centre Autobahn. Progress”

  • I hope against hope that more people see what’s coming. i expect USAID and their friends just do the governments bidding; they have wanted a upmarket Arugam Bay for a long time: people in taxi’s, not walkers.
    Good luck, Saray

  • Good idea, Jaliya.
    But where is the USAID office?
    In Colombo, Colombia or New York?
    These guys come in their a/c 4×4′ wagons and go again.
    I never seen any of them taking any of our views into consideration.
    Decisions are made from far afield above our heads….
    We are not even sure if USAID is in charge of this stretch of road……

  • yes, please, no giant road (although that’s what it is looking like when I went two weeks ago).

    Hikka is awful and the Galle Rd through it makes it worse: dodging buses, vans and assorted SUVs does not make for a pleasant stay.

    I suggest everyone in AGB does this in front of the USAID office until they agree

  • “And, i ilke Boys ;.)”

    yes, the karunaboys…
    it’s time to ….

  • Please, piss off me, Trevor…..

    Big sorry ,

    Magnus Engel, CH.

    My Website ?

    And, i ilke Boys ;.)

  • @Trevor;

    Piss off boy……..

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    @ Fred, ich finde es toll, wenn endlich was passiert bei Euch und u.a. hatte die Strasse es auch bitter nötig. Aber insgeheim hoffe ich, dass die A-Bay dadurch nicht ein z.B. 2. Hikka, Bentota wird…
    Der Charme der A-Bay bleibt hoffentlich erhalten!

    Liebe Grüsse an Euch 3, Biggi

  • Soliloquies!!!!
    Tom = Fred
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  • Just to let you know:
    On Facebook member
    “Arugam Surf”
    created an interest Group called:
    “Arugam Walking Street”
    regarding this very issue.
    How to open this Facebook group to anyone who is not on Facebook itself we don’t know as yet.
    That is why ask you to advise us!
    Please assist!
    Arugam Bay

  • The character of a resort is decided by its sea front.
    A walking street would lift Arugam Bay above places like Hikkaduwa, Negombo or Bentota.
    Now the chance is there to implement it and build a by pass i\on empty land!
    Later it would become much more difficult.
    Paul, UK

  • If you want to destroy what is left of the beautiful village of AbaY:
    Just stand back and allow USAID to construct their Super High Way.
    If you want to see visitors:
    Stand up and object  and fight for a Pedestrian Beach Front!

  • You can’t be serious?
    Will you allow USAIDs to destroy Aragum’s unique village character?
    Object to the thru way!
    Surfer Dude

  • Have you been to Hikkaduwa?
    Then you will know just how bad a main road in the middle of any resort can be!
    It’s a horror to just walk there!
    A by-pass is being build, all around Hikka, because they realized their mistake after so many years.
    Arugam Bay has the chance, right now, to create a beautiful, quiet resort.
    Without a stupid fast lane in the very heart of it!
    We hope you can get a Walking Street there!
    Tom, Brisbane

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