No LTTE involvement

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PottuVille Masacre, witness account:

The witness had received telephone calls from prominent members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the witness said yesterday at the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to investigate and inquire into violations of human rights, of which the Pottuvil Massacre is a case.

Vytorin price comparison a??Tamilchelvam called me and said the LTTE was not behind the killing of the 10 youth,a?? the witness said. According to the witness, he had been told by a LTTE regional leader Jaya that he was to expect a call from Kilinochchi and the caller had identified himself as Tamilchelvam. According to the data recovered by the cellular company the call from Tamilchelvam using a 20 digit number may have been from a satellite phone, observed the chairman of the commission.

Tamilchelvam did not say who the killers might be, he only denied any LTTE involvement when he called the day after the killing, the Witness said.

a??Before Tamilchelvam called me, Jaya (regional LTTE leader) said that the LTTE was not behind the massacre and asked how the situation in Pottuvil was. He also offered to help,a?? the witness said. The witness was a Pottuvil provincial councillor at the time of the incident.

The witness had told the regional LTTE leader Jaya that the bodies were expected to be brought to the Mosque and therefore, any decision would be made thereafter and no help was therefore needed, the witness said.

Jaya had threatened the witness during the election time and we had to ask their permission before canvassing for the election in May of 2006 since it was the time of ceasefire, the witness said. The witness had identified Jaya with whom he had interacted on previous occasions.

a??I did not believe what they (LTTE) had to say because they always do something and say they did not do it,a?? the witness said. People of Pottuvil had different opinions on who must have committed the crime; some thought the killers to be the Special Task Force and others thought the killers were LTTE, the witness said.

The massacre of 10 Muslim youth who were engaged in the clearing of a reservoir in Rattal Kulam in Pottuvil were shot or hacked to death by unidentified gunmen.


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