What does Paddle4Relief do in Arugam Bay?

Tim's Paddle4Relief

Tim's Paddle4Relief

Paddle4relief continues to focus its energy in Arugam Bay Buy zofran online without prescription Caverta online pharmacy primarily due to the safety issues in going further north to engage in projects. The village remains a safety bubble in this turbulent country.A? Major projects are being carried out by the Government and large NGOa??s. However, there are still numerous smaller projects required. Whilst a huge water treatment plant has been built, and completed in July 2008, the local people are still without mains water. Even when it arrives, it arrives at a cost! Individual households have to apply for water supply from the mains pipes laid along the roads. The charge for connection is expected to be between RS3000 (A?18) and RS15000 (A?90.91). The lower fee for those that were severely affected by the tsunami, with the charge being greater for those being less affected and with the highest charge for those not affected at all.A? They will have to pay a monthly charge plus what level of usage in litres. The majority of the villagers I spoke to say they cannot afford to pay the connection fee, and will continue to use the supply from the wells on their land.
Paddle4relief are therefore committed in helping those with wells that require cleaning, repairing and improving so as to ensure as many individuals within the community have access to clean drinking water.

Myself, and fellow Paddle4relief committee member Chantal Denham went back out to Sri Lanka in September 2008, returning in December 2008. Miss Denham focused her energies in teaching at the Montesoori School that Paddle4relief completed in 2006. She has also had the vision to make improvements in the facilities and teaching methods and increased the number of activity sessions with the local young children so improving social interaction and development.
Paddle4relief are still working closely with the surfers of Arugam Bay. They have a club in place with a selection of surfboards, supplied by Paddle4relief, for all to use. We are still working towards finding an adequate base for the club. The surfers are paying a membership subscription to help towards funding their future.
We are also working towards regular beach cleans with the local surfers. Through them engaging in community projects it is hoped that other organisations will help support their club, and see it develop as an important resource for the youth of the village.
The local surfers continue to support Paddle4relief in helping us with the swimming club for the younger children of the community. Safety in the water has become more of a priority again for the local community in the first week of January. A 17yr old youth from the village drowned in the sea only a short distance from the main beach. The surfers and other community members are again realising the need for both lifeguards and a warning system to help prevent this type of tragedy happening again.

What else do we do? We purchase and provide food and medicines. Carry out first aid on an almost daily basis – it helps being a qualified nurse! We purchase materials and provide labour for a variety of projects whether it be a roof repair, a pipeline, water pump or water tower. Maybe ita??s a boat repair, or engine service or replacement fishing equipment. We work at base level, with the community, listening to their needs.

And of course the Pre-School. We continue to maintain and improve this little haven for the young children of the community.




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